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At Volkswagen Corporation, the testing department ensures that Infotainment Systems – applications that enable communication between the driver and vehicle – function accurately in every car. By introducing ABBYY FineReader Engine Volkswagen improved its testing quality significantly. It is now more exact, less error-prone and less time-consuming.

Audio Digest Foundation

Providing healthcare professionals with continuing medical education (CME) for more than 60 years, Audio Digest Foundation has chosen ABBYY FlexiCapture to process faxed-in tests automatically, with a speed of 15,000 forms a month.

Vintage Mortgage Group

Providing consultation and loan origination services for hundreds of clients every year in one of America’s most competitive real estate markets, Vintage Mortgage deals a lot with hundreds of PDFs and other formats. They have employed ABBYY FineReader solution to benefit from highly accurate and swift document conversion.

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