ABBYY Lingvo Content

How to write a dictionary?

ABBYY Lingvo Content is a Dictionary Writing System specifically designed to write and update dictionary. You can easily export data to various formats for publication in either printed or electronic form (including desktop and mobile dictionary versions, as well as online and intranet dictionaries).

Oorganize Workflow and Manage Human Resources

You can easily manage projects involving lexicographers and editors residing in any corner of the globe. Dictionary Writing System includes a multi-user access capability allowing users to write dictionary entries, see in real time who is working on which entry, to exchange comments, and pass on entries for further processing.

ABBYY Lingvo Content allows planning, task distribution between users, monitoring of the completion process and checking the project status on daily basis. Users can also see the history and statistics of changes made by a certain author or by all authors who work on the dictionary, and compare entry versions.

Store and Publish Data Safely

All data in ABBYY Lingvo Content is stored on a database server (Microsoft® SQL Server®).This provides safe data storage, quick and flawless processing of any data volumes, back-up copying, as well as easy setup for export to ABBYY Lingvo dictionary format, XML, HTML, DOCX and other formats.

Promote Your Content with ABBYY Lingvo Distribution Channels

Lingvo software products will help you to write dictionary and allow to use ABBYY’s software distribution channels. More than 30 million people worldwide use ABBYY products, including 7 million users of ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries.

Implement and Customize the System According to Your Needs

Our specialists are always available to assist with installation and implementation of ABBYY Lingvo Content. We are ready to consult you how to write a dictionary. The system can be customized as well, to meet your particular requirements.