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ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine Helps Leading BPO Company in China to Improve Productivity and Reduce Error Rate

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"ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine is a powerful product which has good recognition result and best template matching function, thus improving the efficiency of data processing."

- Guofu Li, the senior manager of Tech department, CompuPacific International

The Background

Lately business process outsourcing (BPO) market in China demonstrated the rapid development and has become the favorable outsourcing destination in the global aspect.

The global financial crisis had a very limited negative impact on the internal business, allowing the leading Chinese service providers to compete successfully in overseas agreements. Now the competition between national companies is steadily growing, that forces BPO business to look for new strategic opportunities and business improvements.

CompuPacific International (CPI) is one of the major providers of global BPO solutions in China. Since 1998 it has gained a broad experience in serving corporate and government clients in North America, Europe, Australia and China with customized solutions and thus obtained a detailed knowledge of Western business practices. With more than 10 years in the market CPI provides comprehensive services and strong technologies in government, manufacturing, marketing, legal and publishing fields. It develops end-to-end business process solutions intended to streamline data management process (account maintenance, customer relationship management, premium collection, marketing services, etc). The company also specializes in scanning, data capture, voice support and printing services.

By the present time CPI has become one of the largest business processes outsourcing centers in the country, and demonstrates the leading positions in the market. However to maintain this ascendant position in the expanding BPO market it is crucial for CPI to do the cost optimization and increase productivity.


The Challenge

Serving a wide range of clients from different spheres (e.g., finance, insurance, legal business, public organizations, etc.), CPI has to process a great number of paper documents of varied structure and layout. Accounting forms, census forms, quizzes, invoices, medical claims and other documents pass in bulk every day. The efficient management of the incoming data is essential for business performance and can give a competitive advantage. The primary business goal of CPI is the processing of the maximum number of forms at the minimum value while keeping the highest recognition quality.

For a long time the document workflow was a bottleneck in CPI’s performance. A lot of overseas major BPO companies have already automated its document workflow embracing OCR and data capture technologies, while CPI was still using manual data processing. This traditional approach, especially applied to different form layouts, was tedious, time-consuming, and led to some typing errors.

In order to optimize its business performance and remain competitive in the market CPI decided to phase out the manual data entry and invest in automated document processing solution. Technology was provided by ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 8.0, a versatile SDK for integrating industry-leading data and document capture technologies. This comprehensive SDK offers an extensive functionality including tools for document classification, processing of semi-structured and unstructured documents, key data extraction and validation, export into backend systems and archiving.

ABBYY got involved in this project through its partner in China, Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd (DIT) that has developed a comprehensive end-to-end solution for automated data capture and ensured the smooth integration of the customer workflow and software. Based on powerful ABBYY FlexiCapture technology DIT provided CPI with the solution of automated data extraction from scanned documents and export into usable electronic data.


The Project

In four months, the adopted technology of ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 8.0 was deployed on three servers and dramatically improved CPI’s data processing operations. New solution included such options as locating and finding data in the documents, data export to a document management system with further indexing and sorting.

Adoption of the automated data capture significantly improved CPI’s business performance and increased overall process efficiency. Now due to the advanced features of ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 8.0 the documents are classified, recognized, verified and transferred into accurate, searchable and highly structured electronic data critical to business processes.

DIT could easily expand functionality focusing on the customer’s needs using comprehensive toolkit for data capture and archiving scenarios. To optimize the processing of varied form layouts DIT designed a multi page document description template of two types:

  • Fixed form templates are created for documents where the information is always located in the same fields. These forms are intended for regular task processing, for-example, handling of tax returns.
  • Flexible templates are designed for efficient processing of semi-structured forms which have no fixed layout. The system detects required fields on documents of various types and automatically extracts the key-data. It allows to process different forms like invoices, purchase orders, contracts, etc.

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine internally matches the template type and then locates the relevant areas. Both fixed and flexible templates can be applied to scanned documents providing fast and precise data extraction. The need for human verifiers and correctors is decreased versus processing with manual data capture.

Embedded with ABBYY award-winning OCR and OMR technologies ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine ensures completely editable output format, exceptional accuracy and fast data capture.

DIT provided an advanced server-based architecture allowing the effective daily processing of unlimited volume of documents. The operating scalability was achieved by automatic distribution of processing tasks between CPU’s (central processing units). The system automatically balances the workload between server cores to ensure the best processing performance. In future it can be easily expanded by adding the supplementary processing cores and/or stations.

The integration of automated data capture has drastically improved the customer’s bottom line. DIT provided an optimal solution based on ABBYY FlexiCapture technology which ideally suited the customer’s workload management. It was a significant step forward compared to conventional data capture allowing CPI to overcome low productivity and reduce error rate.


The Results

During the first phase of the project CPI has successfully processed 5 million pages at a stated time. Automation of the order entry process saved the company approximately $25,000 at the first phase. New digital solution has proved to be much more effective than traditional manual approach. Apart from the cost reduction CPI achieved additional valuable advantages:

  • High recognition quality
  • High-speed processing
  • Reduced error rate

Now, when the first stage of the project has been completed, CPI decided to continue its relationship with DIT and digitize 10 million pages more. The Customer is fully confident that the next phase will bring even better results and greater savings.


About CompuPacific International (CPI)

CompuPacific International (CPI) is a Top 100 global outsource service provider specializing in business processes (BPO), computer aided design (CAD), human resources (HRO) and animation production from delivery centers in China and the Philippines.

Founded in 1998, CPI is one of China’s largest and most successful outsourcers. It serves corporate and government clients in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. For more information, please visit www.compupacific.com

About Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Digital Information Technology is a solutions provider which, currently has an all-round cooperative partnership with ABBYY in China. The company specializes in ABBYY channel distribution and giving end-to-end solutions in various fields like imaging, scanning, project consultancy and doing developments around ABBYY technologies. DIT China has experienced technical skills in implementing ABBYY FineReader, ABBYY FlexiCapture and other ABBYY products, focusing on different areas of challenges and needs concerned by customers. DIT China is committed to provide the customers with up-to-date and competitive digital information technology solutions and services to create the most value for the client. For more information, please visit www.digitalitcd.cn


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