ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android

ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android is a handy app for capturing contact data from business cards into your smartphone’s address book or into the CardHolder, the app’s own data storage module. You don’t need to tap in any data — simple take a snapshot of a business card and the app will do the rest


ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android

Collect business contacts worldwide

Capable of capturing data in 21 languages, ABBYY Business Card Reader is a useful communication aid for people doing business all over the world 

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ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android

Share business cards the regular way or over the air

Exchanging business cards has never been easier. Now you can capture data from printed cards handed to you by prospective business partners, as well as receive and exchange digital business cards over Wi-Fi networks

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ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android

Hand out as many business cards as you need

For your convenience, the app already includes a ‘My Business Cards group’, where you can add your own virtual business cards in any of the supported languages to easily share them over Wi-Fi

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Product versions

ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android ABBYY Business Card Reader Lite for Android
This is the full version of the app. With the trial version of the app you will  be able to save the name and the first phone number detected on a business card.

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