FAQ on ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS

Urgently needed questions

How do I synchronize the cards on two iOS devices?

What if I've forgotten my password?

How do I start synchronization?

How do I disable synchronization?

General questions

What is ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS?

Which devices support the application?

What are the operating system requirements?

Which interface languages does the application support?

Working with the vocabulary

Which dictionaries are available in the application?

Where can I find the full dictionary descriptions before purchasing?

How do I install a dictionary?

How do I restore dictionaries?

I have purchased a dictionary for the iPhone version of the application. Can I transfer the purchased dictionary into the iPad version without having to purchase it again?

How do I delete a dictionary?

Which dictionaries contain recorded pronunciations?

How do I listen to recorded pronunciations?

How do I install recorded pronunciations for a dictionary?

How do I delete recorded pronunciations of a dictionary?

Working with the application: Manual input

How do I translate a word or phrase?

When are spelling suggestions displayed?

How do I change the translation direction?

How do I reverse the translation direction?

How do I view the entry history?

How do I change the sequence in which entries appear?

How do I show/hide examples and comments in the dictionary entries?

How do I view inflected forms?

How to quickly translate a word/phrase from another application?

What is the maximum size of the text fragment to be translated from the clipboard?

Working with the program: Photo input

Which translation is shown in the minicard?

How can I see the detailed translation?

What translation directions does photo input support?

How can I edit an incorrectly recognized word?

Why does the application fail to find the translation of any word in the text?

Working with the Program: Cards for Learning Words

How can I add a word card to the learning list?

What translation directions can I use for creating the cards?

Are there any exercises for learning words?

Can I turn off the pronunciation of the word when I open a card during the lesson?

Can I postpone learning of the word?

How can I delete cards from the list?


What settings are available in the application?

Where can I change the application settings?