ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine is a powerful software development kit which allows developers of mobile and small footprint applications to integrate highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) technologies that convert images and photographs into manageable and searchable text. Toolkit supports the most popular mobile platforms and devices - iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Empower Your App with OCR features

  • Transfer business cards data to mobile address book
  • Capture words and translate them on-the-go
  • Get necessary data with help of barcode recognition
  • Read text in various languages easily

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How It Works

  • Step 1: Image Importing and Processing
  • Step 2: Document Analysis
  • Step 3: Optical Character Recognition, including optional stages of Business Card Processing or Barcode Recognition
  • Step 4: Result Processing

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Supported Platforms

"The fantastic and most accurate mobile OCR solution by ABBYY..."

The fantastic and most accurate mobile OCR solution by ABBYY will soon enpower users of with easy and most convinient way to record and share travel hints across the world!

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