ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine

Where It Is Used

To evaluate the capabilities of the ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine SDK in action on iOS (iPhone) and Android platforms, you can try the following ABBYY mobile applications featuring OCR processing:

Camera Smartphone/Tablet Applications

Mobile software development companies or manufacturers of such devices as as smartphones, tablets with built-in digital cameras, who strive to improve their functionality and emphasize their uniqueness in the market, can «teach» mobile devices to read by means of recognizing and processing photos in texts.
Take full advantage of cameras on mobile devices. Photo menus, signs and posters, business cards, bills, notes and other documents can be converted into text for easier input into a variety of applications such as:

Capture Front-ends Linked to Backend Systems and Web Applications

Existing applications can be improved or extended using OCR for easy capture of input of data to a networked backend system or Web application. For example:

Portable Scanning Applications

“Instant OCR” PC Utilities