ABBYY Recognition Server

Arabic OCR technology

ABBYY Recognition Server with Arabic language support is a server based OCR solution from ABBYY - leading vendor of document capture solutions and technologies. Highly accurate recognition of Arabic characters will definitely accelerate your business and assist to achieve higher ROI through significant improvement of document processing within your organization!


OCR technology enables access to digital text data and is especially valuable for Arabic as there has been very little digital access yet. Private companies and government organization, libraries and educational institutions keep and produce huge archives of millions of paper documents in Arabic language. Absence of proper Arabic character recognition on the market made ABBYY develop its own OCR technology for Arabic scripts.

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How It Works

Arabic OCR

ABBYY Recognition Server is a server-based software for automating document capture and document conversion processes in enterprise and service-based environments, including Arabic OCR. The technology in extremely helpful for:


Your Advantages with ABBYY Recognition Server


Increase your business competitiveness


This high-performance & highly scalable technology helps you to fasten decision making processes, provide instant and efficient services to your clients and attract new customers and businesses.

Enjoy the new level of Arabic recognition


ABBYY Recognition Server provides fast document capture with 99%* accuracy for 190 languages including Arabic, which is an unprecedented success in OCR technologies.

Reduce cost of your business processes


Digitization of your workflow and archive allows you to reduce costs on paper, hard copy storage, manual entry and processing, consequently you save money and man-hours.

Easily set and forget


ABBYY Recognition server has intuitive User Interface, providing quick simple setup and implementation, including ready-to-use Demo-projects, no training needed, and fast technical support.

Get fast ROI


Flexible system of licensing of ABBYY technologies, its high level of scalability and 24/7 automated performance allows you to get fast ROI.


ABBYY technology seamlessly integrates with your existing environment


ABBYY Recognition Server has an inherent mechanism to integrate with Microsoft SharePoint and thanks to open API you can also smoothly integrate it into other existing workflow systems with no additional expenses or efforts.

Special focus of ABBYY on local markets


ABBYY 3A is a dedicated office working on fast developing markets with a wide net of local partners, who support you along the whole project. We are constantly widening our partner community and you can become a part of it.



*Depends on the quality of the initial document


Companies and government organization all over the world trust ABBYY optimization of its crucial business processes, namely: Lukoil (Oli & Gas, UAE), Kuwait’s Central Statistical Bureau (Government, Kuwait), Fuji Xerox (Logistics, China), Bangalore University (University, India), Kanpur University (University, India) etc.

“Flexibility and high level of customization allowed us … to provide functionalities beyond the out-of-the-box features.”

– Mr. Khaled Al-Zanki, EVP for Business Solutions, CompuCore, Kuwait,
about the experience of using ABBYY solutions in implementing the Kuwait Census.

“ABBYY technology is a good product, which can make us save human resources and costs. We plan to use this product in other fields of our company.”

– Mr. Xu, Logistics Director, Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen Ltd.