ABBYY FineReader 6.0

All the scanner models in the list have been tested with the TWAIN drivers supplied with them at the time of testing. All these appeared to have a FineReader 6.0 compatible mode. Nonetheless ABBYY Software House doesn't guarantee these scanners to be fully compatible with FineReader due to the fact that we were unable to encompass all the possible operating systems and scanner drivers in our testing program. Due to this fact ABBYY Software House assumes no liability whatsoever for any commercial damage that might arise out of use of the scanner information stated below.




Scanner Windows 95/98/ME, 2000, NT 4.0, XP


Acer Scan 620 U MiraScan 320 U, MiraScan V3.40
ScanPrisa 340P MiraScan 3.4, MiraScan 3.4


SnapScan 1212P ScanWise 1.2
SnapScan 1212U ScanWise, ScanWise,
SnapScan 1236S ScanWise
SnapScan 1236U ScanWise 1.2, ScanWise 
SnapScan Touch ScanWise 1.1, ScanWise 


ViewScan 32H ViewScan scanner 


MiniDoc Avigramm MiniDoc 


Document Scanner AV600U MrScan Easy 2.0 


CanoScan 600 ScanGear 4.0, ScanGear S5-5, ScanGear 1.1
CanoScan 620U CanoScanFB620U 
CanoScan 636U CanoScanFB630U\CanoScanFB636U 
CanoScan D646U CanoScan D646U
CanoScan FB330P CanoScanFB330P\CanoScanFB630P  
CanoScan FB 630Ui ScanGear 5.3  
CanoScan LiDE20 ScanGear CS-U v7.0.1.0
CanoScan N676U CanoScan N670U/N676U v
S400 Canon IS Scan 2 v.3.40


GT-8500 Epson Scaners ||, Epson Scaners || 32
Perfection 610 EPSON TWAIN L 
Perfection 660 EPSON Scan Tool
Perfection 1200S EPSON TWAIN 4
Perfection 1240U EPSON TWAIN 5
Perfection 1250 EPSON TWAIN 5.5
Perfection 1260 EPSON TWAIN 5
Perfection 1650 EPSON TWAIN 5
Perfection 1660 Photo EPSON TWAIN 5 
Perfection 2400 Photo EPSON TWAIN 5


Fujitsu fi-4120C FUJITSU fi-4120Cdj
Fujitsu M3091DCd Scanner FUJITSU M309xDC Scanner
M3091dc Fujitsu TWAIN32 Source
M3097DGdm CFM TWAIN32 Source
Fujitsu RapidScan USB FUJITSU Rapidscan USB


ColorPage HR6A Genius ColorPage HR6A


Laser Jet 1100A HPLaserJet1100Series  
Scan Jet 2c PrecisionScan Pro 2.0, CFM 5.20
Scan Jet 2p DeskScan II v2.3, DeskScan II v2.9
Scan Jet 4p DeskScan II v2.8, CFM TWAIN 5.20
Scan Jet 5p DeskScan II v.2.3, DeskScan II v.2.5,
DeskScan II v.2.7, DeskScan II v.2.9,
DeskScan 2.7, CFM TWAIN v 5.20,
HP PictureScan 3.0, HP PrecisionScan,
PrecisionScan 1.0, CFM Twain32 7.0
Scan Jet 3200C HP PrecisionScan LT2.0
Scan Jet 3300C HP PrecisionScan LT2.0 
Scan Jet 3400C HP PrecisionScan LTX1.01
Scan Jet 3570C HP ScanJet 3500 series
Scan Jet 4400C HP PrecisionScan Pro 3.1
Scan Jet 4470C  HP PrecisionScan Pro 3.1
Scan Jet 5100 C HP PrecisionScan 1.01
Scan Jet 5300C HP PrecisionScan 3.0
HP PrecisionScan 3.03
Scan Jet 5470C HP PrecisionScan Pro 3.1
Scan Jet 5490C HP PrecisionScan Pro 3.1
Scan Jet 6100C HP PrecisionScan Pro 2.0, CFM 5.20
Scan Jet 6200C CFM TWAIN 5.20, CFM TWAIN 7,
HP PrecisionScan Pro 2.0,
HP PrecisionScan Pro 2.03
Scan Jet 6300C HP PrecisionScan Pro 2.0 
Scan Jet 7400 HP PrecisionScan Pro 3.0
Scan Jet 7450 HP PrecisionScan Pro 3.0 


Lexmark X75 Lexmark
Lexmark X83 Lexmark
Lexmark X125 Lexmark


Phantom 336 
ScanWizard 2.55, ScanWizard 2.6
ScanMaker 3600 ScanWizard 5, ScanWizard 5 v.5.10,
ScanWizard 5 v.5.12, ScanWizard 5 v.5.50
ScanMaker 3630  ScanWizard 5 v.5.10
ScanMaker 4 ScanWizard 5.1
ScanWizard 2.60
ScanMaker 5 ScanWizard Pro 3.08
ScanMaker 3700 ScanWizard 5 v.5.12
ScanMaker 3750i ScanWizard 5 v.5.12
ScanMaker 4600 ScanWizard 5 v.5.12
ScanMaker 4700 ScanWizard 5 v.5.12
ScanMaker 5700 ScanWizard 5 v.5.61
ScanMaker 6400 XL ScanWizard Pro 3.08
ScanMaker 8700 ScanWizard 5 v.5.61
ScanMaker 9600 XL ScanWizard Pro 3.08
ScanMaker V6 UPL ScanWizard 5 v.5.12
Scan Maker V6 USL (USB version) Microtek ScanWizard USB 1.04,
ScanWizard 5, 
Microtek ScanWizard USB 2.6 (32bit)
ScanWizard 5 v.5.12
ScanMaker x6 ScanWizard 2.55
ScanMaker X6 EL ScanWizard 2.60
ScanMaker X6 SCSI ScanWizard 2.60
Scan Maker x12usl ScanWizard 5 v.5.10, ScanWizard 5 v.5.12, ScanWizard 5 v.5.50


600 CU 600CU
1200 CU 1200 CU Scanner, Mustek 1200 CU 1.0,
1200 CU Scanner v.33360.47304
1200 UB 1200UB
1200 USB 1200 USB
1200 USB Plus USB Scanner v.0.0
USB Scanner v.54088.25007
USB Scanner v.13420.40820
BearPaw BearPaw 1200
BearPaw 1200 CU BearPaw 1200CU v.0.39640
BearPaw 1200CU v.54088.25007
BearPaw 1200CU v.28716.6944
BearPaw 1200 F BearPaw 1200F v.0.47676
BearPaw 1200F v.54088.25007
BearPaw 1200F v.10752.6944
BearPaw 2400 CU BearPaw 2400CU v.0.35116
BearPaw 2400CU v.54088.25007
BearPaw 2400CU v.18076.6944
BearPaw 2400TA PRO BearPaw 2400TA Pro
BearPaw 4800TA PRO BearPaw 4800TA PRO
Paragon Page 630 Mustek Sheetfed Scanner
Power Pro Paragon Power Pro
ScanExpress 12000P SE12000P/SM9636P
ScanExpress 12000 SP Plus Mustek 12000 SP PLUS
ScanMagic 1200FS SCSI FAST Scanner1.0


KV-S2025C Panasonic KV-S2025C 1.1
KV-S2026C Panasonic KV-S2025C 1.1
KV-S2046C Panasonic KV-S2025C 1.1


FB III 4830p (32bit Tw Source) 
OpticPro UT12 Plustek USB Scanner v.2.3
OpticPro UT24 Plustek USB Scanner v.2.3


Colorado 1200p Primax Power Twain, Colorado 600p/1200p
Colorado USB 9600 Primax Power Twain
Colorado USB 19200 Primax Power Twain, FlatBed Scanner v2.0,
WIA-Colorado USB 19200
One Touch 5300 PrimaxOneTouch 5300
One Touch 7600 PrimaxOneTouch 7600
Primax (16 bit) Pimax Color Mobile Direct


Episode Episode v.1.6
Eclipse 1200U Eclipse1200U
Scorpio Pro InxlaArtist1.0 
Scorpio Pro-S Scorpio Pro-S (_32) v.1.6


4500 USB 2.0 (C9917A) VistaScan 32 v3.5.1
Astra 1220S Astra 4500 / 32
Astra 2000P VistaScan 32 v3.51
Astra 2000U VIstaScan 3.52
Astra 2100S VistaScan 32 v3.5
VistaScan 32 v3.52+3.55update
Astra 2100U VIstaScan 3.52
VistaScan 32 v3.52+3.55update
WIA-UMAX Astra 2100U 1.0 
Astra 2200 VistaScan 3.52 
VistaScan 3.73
VistaScan 3.53+3.55Update
VistaScan 3.75
VistaScan 3.81
WIA-UMAX Astra 2200
Astra 2400S VistaScan 32 v3.52
Astra 4000U VistaScan 3.54
VistaScan 3.81
Astra 5450 VistaScan 32 v.3.73
VistaScan 32 v.3.75
VistaScan 32 v.3.81
Astra 6450 VistaScan 32 v.3.72
Astra 6700 Umax Astra 6700
AstraNet 101 (USB) VistaScan 32 v.3.74
Astra NET iA101 VistaScan 32 v.3.73
VistaScan 32 v.3.74
VistaScan 32 v.3.75
VistaScan 32 v.3.81
Astra MX3 VistaScan 32 v3.51
Astra Slim AstraSlim v.1.6
Astra Slim 1200 SE (USB) Astra Slim 1200 SE
Page Office 11C UmaxPageOffice11C1.02 
Umax USB Scanner VistaScan 32 V3.74 


PaperPort3100B PaperPort 5.3 software,
Visioneer PaperPort 3100B
Visioneer 4400 USB Visioneer 4400 v2.0
Scan Manager v2.0
Visioneer 4800 USB Scan Manager v2.0
Visioneer 6100 USB Visioneer 6100 USB v2.0
WIA-Visioneer 6100 USB v1.0
Visioneer 8600 USB Visioneer 8600 v 2.0
Visioneer 8600 v 22
Visioneer Scan Manager v 2.0
Visioneer 8600 LPT Visioneer 8600 v 2.0
Visioneer Scan Manager v 2.0
Visioneer 8650 USB Visioneer Scan Manager v 2.0
Visioneer 8650 LPT Visioneer Scan Manager v 2.0
Visioneer Touch 8700 USB Scan Manager v 2.0
Visioneer Touch 9000 Visioneer Scan Manager Pro 1.0


DigiPath Scanner 2000 Xerox DigiPath Scanner 2000 v.1.4