With ABBYY TouchTo Technology and the Fujitsu fi-6010N scanner, the most powerful data capture tool is the human touch. Companies can change the way they manage information by turning anything on a business document into digital data — with a simple tap!

Using ABBYY TouchTo together with Fujitsu fi-6010N, you can create electronic data as quickly as you can touch a screen.


OCR, indexing, routing and database population right at the scanner.

Complete document processing with a tap

Paper-based information need never be retyped again! OCR, indexing, routing and database population right at the scanner.

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Flexible document routing options

Multiple document routing options

Network or FTP folders, ODBC-compliant databases, SharePoint, Docuware and any other DMS or back-end system.

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Enhances Productivity for Small to Medium–sized Businesses

Boosted productivity for small to medium businesses

ABBYY TouchTo with the Fujitsu fi-6010N is the perfect combination to enhance efficiency and streamline business processes.

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