Software Localization

Services we offer:

  • Localizability analysis
  • Multilingual project glossary creation
  • Interface and system message localization
  • Help file localization
  • Integration of all localized parts into a cohesive local version
  • Supporting marketing material localization
  • Complete linguistic and functional testing

Key features and benefits:

  • One-stop shop for all localization needs
  • High-quality localization into 60+ languages
  • Technology-intensive approach to optimize costs
  • Possibility to adapt existing and create new technologies to meet specific needs of our clients
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Handling all known source file formats

Internationalization is crucial if you are looking for a global market.

ABBYY Language Services Software Localization does more than just translate words from one language to another; we make sure the meaning isn’t lost in translation.

Positioned at the junction point between linguistics and computer programming, localization requires the involvement of highly skilled professionals from both areas.

ABBYY Language Services has extensive experience in software localization and a world-class team of localization experts.

Our clients about us

"You translate all our software and you are the only ones who took up the challenge of localization into 40 languages. Thank you! For us, localization proved to be the most unexpected of critical problems. We worked with three or four major companies, but despite the contracts we signed and the money we paid, they never came close to translating into the 40 languages we wanted. Your guys were the only ones who didn’t give up and went all the way."

Alexander, Leta Group

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Localizing marketing materials implies considerable adaptation of the translation to appeal to the target audience.

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Website Localization

"Site stickiness is doubled on sites written in visitors' own language - visitors stay for twice as long" — Forrester Research.