10 Tips for Productive Work with TextGrabber

Everybody knows that TextGrabber is about OCR technology. It works pretty hard to make your life easier. But there are also a few special tricks you can use to skyrocket the app’s performance. We’ve put together 10 tips which will help you become an OCR pro.

Work with TextGrabber advice

Here is how it works when you follow all our advices:

1. Correct recognition languages

Before you start working with TextGrabber, be sure to enable the right recognition languages. You don’t want to get hieroglyphs instead of letters, do you?

2. Background

Try to find an even, high-contrast background for the document or picture you want to grab. This little tip will definitely make your work easier.

3. Lighting

Every good photo needs good lighting. Use daylight or flash to make the text on the photo brighter.

4. Shooting angle

That’s simple. Always place the camera right in front of or straight above the text.

5. No camera shake

Try to keep your hands still while you take pictures and TextGrabber will thank you for a sharp image!

6. Autofocus

Check the autofocus setting before shooting – it will save your time, trust me! Try to shoot a document or a newspaper as close as you can. If you do your best, TextGrabber also will!

7. Crop

Let the app crop pictures or do it manually yourself – it’s up to you. But remember: a well-cropped image is your key to success!

8. No curves or creases

Sometimes curves are an asset. But they interfere with TextGrabber’s work. Choose flat paper with no curves or creases and with sharp printed text.

9. Plain text

TextGrabber is very smart, but it cannot recognize squiggles. Give it plain printed text and enjoy the app doing its job perfectly!

10. No handwritten text

TextGrabber won’t recognize handwritten text. No. Don’t try it!


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