7 Ways to Boost Your Productivity with New BCR for Android

Wake up, dress up and show up!

These days we are becoming more and more health-conscious. Active, healthy lifestyle is on the rise all over the world, sport has replaced laziness, productivity - all kinds of dolce far niente.

Here at ABBYY we are huge fans of active lifestyle and personal improvement. That’s why we’ve put together this shortlist of tried and tested ways to supercharge your productivity with our updated Business Card Reader for Android! All you need is love to update or download BCR for Android and use our 7 cool new features.

  1. Introducing completely automatic shooting. Just point the viewfinder on the business card, the app finds it in the shot, takes a photo of it without your participation what so ever, and also automatically removes any extra background. In the end, you have scanning speed increased almost by 50%!
automatic shooting business card BCR Automatic snap of a business card
  1. For all of us perfectionists: in case you are not completely satisfied with the autocrop, you can fix the edges with the manual crop feature.
Manual crop BCR Application abbyy Manual crop
  1. Color and image quality enhancement. In order to achieve that, we added color filters and size optimization. E.g. if a business card is photographed at an angle, the BCR is going to fix it turning a “trapeze” into a proportional rectangle.

  2. Now you can save both sides of your business card. How? Scan the front side, choose Add back image at the bottom of the screen, take a photo of the back and save the whole card.

To see the back of a business card swipe to the left when viewing the front side.

Viewing the back of a business card
  1. Exporting your business cards to MS Excel as a the searchable, easy-to-use database. First, go to Settings, then tap Export to Excel and – voilà! – you have a database of business cards to save or send wherever you want. Fast, simple, easy!
Export to Excel
  1. Improving the viewing experience. Now your business cards can be viewed in the full screen mode. Just turn your smartphone horizontally, and the picture of a business card will be on full screen.
Browse business cards on full screen
  1. And the last one, let’s amplify the overall effect! To keep up with your active lifestyle we decided to speed up! Now that it only takes 5 seconds to digitize a business card, you will certainly have time to do some squats :-)

Come on, hurry up, update your BCR for Android and be cool! If you prefer video, here's a fresh one about all the new features of BCR Android.




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