7 Ways to Do More with Less Effort powered by BCR

Imagine a man who’s in love with his car. He washes it regularly, drives carefully and even repairs it himself. Same thing with us – we love BCR the same way this man loves his car. To make the app faster, smarter, and even more reliable, we’ve rebuilt the engine and put more horsepower under the hood. We’ve also added some quite handy features that will save you a lot of time. Let me tell you about 7 features of the new BCR for iPhone!

1. Apple Watch

The most tech-savvy business people among us  always keep BCR is always at your hand. Now you won’t need to reach for your iPhone to remember someone’s name and make a call. View contacts and make phone calls from BCR on your Apple Watch!

BCR app on Apple Watch BCR cardholder
2. Automatic phone numbers enhancement

No matter how a phone number appears on a business card, ABBYY BCR will automatically put in all the missing parts, so that you can reach the contact even if the country code was omitted in print. For instance, (408)*457-97]77 will be magically changed to +1 408 457 9777. We’ve also taught BCR to recognize extension numbers! No need  to memorize them or jot them down. When you call a contact, the app dials their company number, then you can tap the extension number displayed in the bottom left corner That’s it!

BCR added country code
Automatic phone numbers enhancement BCR Еxtension number button is in the bottom left corner
3. Auto completion of addresses

BCR will correct any typos and fill in the missing address fields, such as postcode, ZIP code, or county. Find your contact’s office on the map easily to send them documents, thank you cards or flowers!

4. Spotlight search

Find business cards stored in BCR using the Spotlight search on the main iPhone screen (swipe down to open it). You can search by any of the items captured from business cards, such as name, last name or address, just like you do when working with iPhone contacts.

How Spotlight search works
5. BCR Contacts synced with iPhone address book

If you save contacts both to BCR cardholder and to your iPhone’s address book, they’ll always be in sync. Any edits you make in BCR will be automatically reflected in your iPhone contacts, and vice versa. Managing contacts has never been easier!

6. Automatic backups

Your contacts will be regularly backed up for your valuable data to always be safe and secure. 100% protection from awkward situations! Set up autobackup period in the app settings ("Settings > Backup > Autobackup period") and never worry about losing your data again.

7. Send your business card with a snap

This feature can be accessed via the Share button when you open a business card for viewing. We’ve also improved the letter templates!

Send your business card from Share button

We’ve also created a beautiful BCR landing page abbyybcr.com, so if someone asks you where they can grab themselves a cool business card scanner (and they’ll definitely ask), just give them the address.

So why wait? Upgrade the app or download it from the AppStore and tell us what you think! By the way, we also have BCR for Android devices on Google Play.


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