Can You Make Your Book Come to Life? You Can Now!

I recently watched the movie “Goosebumps” where characters in books come to life. While our newest addition to FineScanner - BookScan won't have you running after (or from) monsters, it will bring your books to life and help you conquer your demons of paper overload.  (kinda like the film,“The Last Lightbender!!”)

Since we released FineScanner just three short years ago, we've always had visions of creating an incredible product that could scan entire books.  And here it is!!!

  1. Our BookScan technology allows you to easily scan books (no more pushing books down tightly on a scanner to get those words hidden by the binding!)
  2. Simply enable the Book mode in your camera and take snapshots of facing book pages.
  3. BookScan will split the opposing pages into two separate images and correct any distortions and lighting defects.
  4. It will then (magically) unbend any curved lines, just as if you’d pressed the book against the glass of a conventional scanner.

Check it out in action in this video!


And, it only requires an active Internet connection!  It's truly like carrying a desktop scanner in your pocket (that sounds like it might hurt...)

We had over 200 testers try and fall in love with the new BookScan technology in the FineScanner app (which is available to premium-account users).  Plus, with our overhauled interface, you can easily find the information you need and quickly switch between BookScan and document mode.

And for even faster processing scans from paper we added new ‘capture’ technology in Doc mode. It automatically finds the edges of a page and photocopies paper without having to press a button. All you have to do is to place your smartphone on a document and scanning begins automatically.


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