More Things to be Thankful for… from ABBYY!

It’s almost kick-off to Holiday time! (that’s Thanksgiving in the U.S.) Time to enjoy family, friends… good food (turkey, yum!!!) and drink, and … all the “joy” that Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring to many of us! Shopping for wonderful and useful gifts for our loved ones – and of course, ourselves.

We’re not quite ready to tell you about the special deals we’re going to have on offer for you and your audience (stay tuned).

SO, this week we’d like to let you know about something equally exciting (in many ways) … the release of the latest, coolest, most “drop-dead” wonderful version of our bestselling TextGrabber + Translator for iOS with significant new features!!!

 Version 5.0 integrates suggestions for “improvements and requests for “enhanced” functionality made by our users through reviews/comments and feedback, and, as always, we’ve listened… making this a major release!

We’ve spoken of TextGrabber + Translator with you previously (Winner of SUPERSTAR Awards in the "Mobile Productivity App", "Mobile Image Capture App" and “Text Input” categories in Mobile Star Awards) , so as you may remember:

ABBYY TextGrabber + Translator can easily and quickly scan, translate and save your text from virtually any printed material. You can scan and translate any printed text by a tap on your screen: receipts, travel documents, notes, magazine articles, manuals, restaurant menus, etc. Simply take a picture of the text on any of 60 languages for recognition and immediately edit, hear it pronounced via VoiceOver, translate it into 90 languages, send your text by SMS or e-mail or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Evernote in no time!

What’s new in Version 5.0?

abbyy textgrabber translator ios ocr

  • IMPROVED RECOGNITION QUALITY: English is no longer a required recognition language that is always selected by default. You can simultaneously select any three languages you need to digitize your text. We have tweaked the settings of the OCR engine and improved the processing logic, resulting in better quality OCR.
  • MULTI-TASKING FOR iPad: TextGrabber now supports the Split View and Slide Over features of iOS 9, allowing you to work with multiple active windows and copy digitized text from TextGrabber to any app on the same screen.
  • 3D TOUCH ACTIONS: users of the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus: just press a tad harder on the TextGrabber icon to bring up the new Open History and Select Recognition Language menus.

We hope that you and your audience will think it’s as cool as we do!



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