New TextGrabber 6 Offers Real-Time Recognition!

We are proud to announce a completely new version of TextGrabber for iOS! No exaggeration here, this is a real breakthrough in OCR (TechCrunch agrees). Capturing text from anywhere around you has never been easier!

With our innovative Real-Time Recognition (RTR) technology, which makes use of powerful machine-learning algorithms, you can capture text directly on your camera screen, no need to take a photo or crop it. One cool feature of RTR mode is that captured text becomes completely actionable –– all links, phone numbers, times and dates, email and street addresses become clickable and immediately usable.  If there is a phone number in your captured text, you can make a call right away. Here’s how it works:

When you capture an address from any paper or screen, you can easily locate it on a map inside your smartphone:

And if you see a link in a printed magazine or newspaper, you can easily capture it and open the website on your device:

Real-Time will capture text printed on any surface. For instance, you can point your camera to labels, computer and TV screens, ID cards or invoices and have the text and digits recognized. ABBYY’s technology can read texts in 61 languages and even large text fragments can be captured without an active Internet connection.

The UI has not been neglected either. TextGrabber has been redesigned in crisp green and white to give it a fresh new look. We listened to your feedback and made a number of changes to make TextGrabber even more user-friendly:

  • A Save button has been added to the Results screen enabling you to save only the fragments you need.
TextGrabber 6 Note and Save New Result Screen With Translation
  • A big red button that opens the camera has been added to the Notes feed. You can’t miss it!
TextGrabber 6 Main Screen A Big Red Button :-)
  • The Share dialog box has been replaced with a system menu, where you can send the results to any app on your device.
TextGrabber 6 System Sharing Share Dialog With A System Menu

In other news: Photo OCR has also been given a complete overhaul to achieve faster OCR speed and take up less room on your device!

Why wait? Update your current version to TextGrabber 6 or download the new TextGrabber from the App Store and put any printed words into action! As a special offer, the app is available for free download from June 22 to June 29. If you have any comments or suggestions, please share them with us on our App Store page. Your feedback will help improve the app further.


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