Staying Home With ABBYY Mobile Apps

The situation in the world made us switch to remote work and studying. The workflow shouldn’t be interrupted. In this post, we’ll tell you how ABBYY apps can help with eLearning, home office, and things you didn’t have time for.

remote work


Remote work with documents usually requires a desktop scanner. But not everyone has a scanner at home now. Well, buying a new one or carrying it from the office isn’t an option. Photos of documents taken on a smartphone camera won’t be of enough quality. A mobile scanner can solve the issue.

With FineScanner you can just take a photo of any paper document and the app will improve its quality by removing the background (for example, the desk that you took the photo on), correcting the perspective, shaping the photo into a proper rectangle, and using filters to improve the brightness and contrast. Just stick to the simple guide on how to make a photo of the document correctly. In the end you will receive PDF or JPEG file with scanned paper, which will look similar to a desktop scanner.

Signing a document is an essential step to make a business deal. But while being on a quarantine, it becomes complicated: you’ll have to print a document, sign it by hand and send it with a courier. Avoid these steps by using FineScanner. Just upload a file to FineScanner, sign a document in the app and send it via email (available on iOS only). Learn here, how to sign documents.

sign document in finescanner

What’s more, FineScanner allows annotating documents (iOS only). In case you need to highlight mistakes, make a note with a pen or hide confidential information, you can use Annotate mode. Here’s a quick guide into this feature.

If you received a scan of a document, but it needs to be edited, you can recognize the text on it in FineScanner. Just upload the PDF to FineScanner and tap Recognize. Use an online recognition to save original formatting and export to 12 editable file types. Offline recognition allows saving a document as a plain text without formatting. It might be useful for children who study remotely. They can recognize text from PDFs with homework and scan a paper with completed tasks to send to a teacher via email.

Don’t forget to create a Siri Shortcut to open documents with voice. Check this article to learn how Siri Shortcuts work.

Business Card Reader

The home quarantine is a great time to scan business cards collected over the last years. Storing hundreds of paper biz cards isn’t that comfortable, while digitized business cards are sorted and don’t take place on your desk. Business Card Reader will digitize contact information in a couple of taps. Just take a photo of a biz card, according to these recommendations. Save contact data to the Cardholder in BCR, smartphone contacts, or Salesforce CRM.

In case your colleague from a sales department urgently needs a client’s contact, just share it from BCR: tap Share and choose a sharing method you’d like to use. Also, you can easily share your business card. Learn here how to create your own biz card in Business Card Reader.

You can reveal the full potential of BCR by using it on all platforms: smartphone, iPad, laptop, and Apple Watch. Just create an ABBYY Cloud account to synchronize across all devices.

Check this YouTube playlist to learn more about Business Card Reader features.


While schools and universities are on remote education, TextGrabber can be useful as well. It can help with translating small paragraphs on foreign language lessons: upload a picture, screenshot, or use a Real-Time Translation for an instant translation result.

real-time translation in textgrabber

If you want to improve your cooking skills and try new recipes, you can try now. Recognize the text of a recipe from favourite cooking books, magazines, screenshots of cooking websites, or Instagram posts and save it in TextGrabber’s notes or share to any favourite app for notes.

To speed up the recognition process, you can create a Siri Shortcut to open the last image from a smartphone gallery on iOS using voice.

Stay at home and be safe!

Get 3 months of Premium access to TextGrabber as a gift. Follow the steps to get it:

  • Download the app from App Store/Google Play using this link
  • Open the app and tap the [Menu] button in the bottom left corner of the screen, then tap the [i] button in the top left corner
  • Tap and hold for a few seconds the [About] option, until you are asked to enter a promo code
  • Enter this code: TGNY21

That’s it! Now you can enjoy all of the premium features.
Please, rate TextGrabber on App Store/Google Play.


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