TextGrabber Android: translation in place

OK, OK, we know TextGrabber is already packed full of cool features like photo translation and real-time recognition, which allows you to get translations even when you’re not online. But there’s still room for more. So by popular request, here’s a brand-new way to review OCRed and translated text!

Yellow is the new black

The OCR and translation procedures have remained unchanged, but we have added a completely new viewing mode. Here’s how it works:

  1. While in photo mode, select an OCR language.
  2. Take a snapshot of some text that you want to capture and translate (e.g. the name of a dish at a restaurant or some text on product packaging).
  3. Review the OCR results, which will be superimposed on the photo.
  4. The app may have its doubts about some words. These will be highlighted in yellow. Double-tap any yellow word that needs correction and make the necessary edits.
  5. Now select a target language and click “Translate” at the bottom of the screen.
  6. The translation, too, will appear over the photo, superimposed on the respective fragments of the original text. Pretty nifty, eh?
  7. Tap “Save” if you want to create a new note from the grabbed and translated text. Notes can be edited and shared the usual way.

How to grab text from Instagram

TextGrabber users have come up with numerous inventive uses for the app. One wellness instructor, for example, tells us that she likes to look for inspiration on Instagram. If she likes a new recipe, she makes a screenshot and translates it with TextGrabber. See how easy it is now, with the new review mode:

You no longer have to guess which translated fragment corresponds to which part of the original. Both texts are displayed simultaneously, with the original visible beneath the translation.

Download (or update) your TextGrabber for Android and tell us what you think!


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