Notes, Sharing and CSV in BCR Web

We released the web version of BCR on the first day of summer, and have been getting plenty of feedback ever since. We’ve incorporated a lot of this feedback into an update that is now live, read on for details on the new features we’ve added and how to use them.

Download your business card collection as a CSV spreadsheet

You can now download your entire collection of business cards to your hard drive.

  1. Open
  2. Click the arrow button in the upper-right corner.
  3. Wait for your browser to download the CSV file with your business cards.

Now you have all of your business cards in one CSV file, handily available offline should you feel a sudden urge to analyze your networking efforts during a trip to the countryside or a remote beach 🙂

Share business cards by e-mail

It is now possible to e-mail business cards from the website:

  1. Click the button with three dots to the right of a business card and then click Share.
  2. An e-mail message containing all of the data from the business card will be generated automatically, all you have to do is send it.

Now when a colleague asks for help finding a lawyer or a doctor, you will not have to type any numbers and addresses. Simply send them the business card.

Creating notes is easier now

Editing notes now takes less time and involves less clicking:

  1. Click the button with three dots to the right of a business card and then click Edit Note.
  2. The note editor will open. Type, edit or delete the note.
  3. The note will be displayed on the business card and synched with your mobile apps.

We hope these changes will make managing business cards on your PC a breeze. If you feel we’re still missing something, by all means leave your feedback on Business Card Reader's page in the Play Market or App Store. We always read everything our users share with us, and do our best to make sure our apps meet your expectations.


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