Cloud-based document processing service for your applications

Empower your software systems via Web API.

ABBYY® Cloud OCR SDK is a web-based document processing service that will enhance your enterprise software systems, SaaS platforms, or your mobile apps with the ability to convert documents and utilize textual information from scans, PDFs, document images, smartphone photos, or screenshots.

Combining ABBYY’s latest AI-based technologies for information extraction with the highly scalable processing power of the Microsoft® Azure® computing infrastructure, this secure and reliable ABBYY cloud service can be easily integrated into your application via a REST API—empowering it to precisely convert virtually any number of pages within the shortest amount of time.

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Selected use cases

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems

The functionality of SaaS offerings and cloud-based applications such as online storage solutions, web-based customer relationship management (CRM), or document management systems (DMS) can be quickly expanded by the high-quality text recognition and document conversion cloud service.

Extensive digitization projects

Large document digitization projects requiring significant hardware resources can be efficiently performed by leveraging the highly scalable processing power of the cloud-based document conversion service, for example, when converting large archives into searchable PDF or PDF/A files.

Mobile information capture

Mobile workers, sales managers, or insurance representatives can easily capture data from business cards or other documents by photographing them with mobile apps that leverage the powerful cloud-based processing service to extract information, while saving the device’s limited resources.

Strongly varying conversion demand

When providing internal or external services, the volume of documents that need to be quickly processed might vary considerably. A highly flexible OCR and document processing web service connected to your solution guarantees smooth and steady results, regardless of peaks in demand.

Webinar on-demand: How to take advantage of cloud computing powers for document conversion

Discover how to extend your document processing applications with cloud-computing powers to speed up digitization of archives, quickly implement flexible document-based workflows, and easily deploy various projects that depend on information extracted from business documents.

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Key features

Access to ABBYY recognition technologies in the cloud

Access to ABBYY recognition technologies in the cloud

ABBYY’s AI-based technologies for recognition of printed and hand-printed text (OCR and ICR), barcodes, and optical marks (OBR & OMR) accessible via Web API.

Capturing data from selected fields

Capturing data from selected fields

Extracts data from pre-defined fields or utilizes ready-to-use data capture algorithms to capture data from business cards or machine-readable zones in ID documents.

Fast conversion into PDF

Fast conversion into PDF

Highly scalable architecture for fast and accurate conversion of extensive document collections – from scans into searchable PDF or PDF/A files in minutes.

Easy integration via REST API

Easy integration via REST API

Access to the OCR web service from any part of the world via REST API, utilizing HTTPS POST and GET requests and receiving results in XML or JSON formats.

Cloud-based OCR service for your applications

Flexible and easy to integrate.



The Web API enables HTTPs requests and offers predefined profiles for easy implementation of the requested scenarios literally within minutes.



The worry-free document processing service delivers fast and highly accurate OCR results, while saving costs in hardware infrastructure.



Free access to development resources, flexible pricing, and payments "as you go" allow for fast ROI and efficient cash-flow management.

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