Cloud-based document processing service for your applications.

Empower your software systems via Web API.

Demo & Documentation

Demo tools

Test the quality of the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK Service. Download our Demo Applications or upload your documents directly into the ABBYY Online Demo Tool and see processing results immediately.

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Demo application

To quickly test different settings without programming efforts, download our pre‐compiled samples and run the ready-to-use applications.

Please note: Please note: To run the ready-to-use application, you will need your Application ID and a password. To obtain this information, please register with the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service and create an Application. The corresponding Application ID and the password will be sent to you via e-mail.

Download demo application
Cloud OCR SDK - demo tool

ABBYY online demo tool

Upload your documents into the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service and see the results.


Legal documents

Check our legal documents library to find relevant agreements, terms of use, and other documents regulating the usage of the service.

Technical documents

Consult our online documentation, API descriptions, and quick start guides to easily deploy and test your application. Leverage our code samples to start processing documents online in no time.

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Quick start guide

How to recognize a document? In this section, you can find answers to this and many similar questions.

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API reference start guide

The SDK is provided in the form of a Web API. The full reference of the API methods is available in this section.

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Code samples

A set of samples in different programming languages can be used to create simple client applications.

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Technical specifications

Find supported image formats, recognition languages, text types, field marking types, processing profiles, and other technical information.

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This section contains answers to frequently asked questions about the usage of the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service.

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Hints & tips

Read recommendations on how to scan and photograph documents for the best recognition results, and other useful information.

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