Cloud-based document processing service for your applications.

Empower your software systems via Web API.

Features & Benefits

To provide your applications with a state-of-the-art, worry-free document processing service, the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK offers the advantages of the software development kit ABBYY FineReader Engine in combination with the scalable and flexible computing power of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

Text recognition and document conversion

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OCR for more than 200 languages

Utilizes ABBYY’s premium OCR technologies that allow accurate recognition of printed text in more than 200 languages, including Latin languages, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Farsi, Vietnamese, Thai, and many others.

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ICR for 126 languages

Offers recognition of hand-printed text (ICR – intelligent character recognition) in 126 languages for accurate recognition of characters entered by hand into claims, questionnaires, or application forms.

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Document conversion to searchable PDF and PDF/A

Quickly converts complete document archives into searchable PDF and PDF/A files utilizing advanced PDF conversion and creation features. Powerful MRC compression technology can reduce files to 10% of their original size, while keeping their visual quality.

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Conversion to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Leverages superior layout recognition technologies to precisely recreate the layout of the original documents and convert PDF, TIF, JPEG and other image formats into editable Microsoft Office files with the structure and formatting of the original images.

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Full-page and zonal recognition

Allows processing of entire pages with machine-printed text (full-page OCR) as well as recognition of only specific areas with machine-printed or hand-printed text (zonal OCR/ICR), such as fields on tax documents, medical forms, invoices, or financial reports.

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Recognition of barcodes and optical marks

Recognizes values from most 1D and 2D barcodes with Optical Barcode Recognition technologies (OBR) and extracts values of optical marks such as checkboxes on surveys, questionnaires, or multiple-choice sheets with Optical Mark Recognition technologies (OMR).

How does your application use the ABBYY OCR Cloud service?

The REST software architecture of ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK can be accessed via simple APIs by any application that can run as a client using HTTPS requests. In addition to the support of all operating systems and programming languages, the client-server architecture allows for very fast integration of the available functionalities. The comprehensive code samples and .Net library will further speed up the development process and allow you to create OCR-based applications literally within minutes.

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