Cloud-based document processing service for your applications

Empower your software systems via Web API.

Licensing and pricing

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK offers flexible options that allow you to scale your projects according to your demand or you clients’ needs and optimize your return on investment. You can integrate the service free of any charges and only pay for pages you plan to process.

Free development tools

Create your account within the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK and integrate the service into your application free of charge.

To evaluate the processing results, you can use the provided sample images or test the service with a certain number of your documents.

Upon account creation, you will receive a sign‐up bonus of 500 free pages for development and testing.

Professional use

If you are a provider of commercial software or your company plans a larger document conversion project, you can close an individual contract with ABBYY. This contract will regulate the usage of the OCR service, including commissioned data processing.

You can select the number of pages that you plan to process and pay the invoice by bank transfer. If your needs grow, your contract can be updated.

Occasional use

If you only need to process a small number of pages, you can easily purchase them online. You can select the number of pages you plan to process and pay the invoice by credit card or PayPal.

You can change your subscription plan at any time by updating your settings.


sign up bonus

500 pages

per month

no additional pages

per month

500 pages

per month

$0.06 per additional page

per month

2,000 pages

per month

$0.05 per additional page

per month

5,000 pages

per month

$0.04 per additional page

per month

10,000 pages

per month

$0.03 per additional page

per month

30,000 pages

per month

$0.028 per additional page
Individual plan
Need over 30,000 pages per month?

Calculate your page demand

The best for you:

monthly subscription


Important notes:

  1. This is a subscription‐based model that allows you to process certain amount of pages each month. Starting with the date of the first purchase, your account will be automatically set to recurring monthly charges unless you choose to cancel your subscription.
  2. Unused pages will expire at the end of each month and cannot be carried over to the next month.
  3. The prices do not include VAT (Value Added Tax). When selecting credit/debit card as a payment method, your country’s VAT might be added to the final price.
  4. When buying pages online, conditions specified in the following documents apply:

Accepted payment methods:

mastercard-logo visa-card-logo paypal-card-logo and others

Document processing and continuity

When you start processing documents, your amount of available pages will be reduced as follows:

  • Processing of A4 page or smaller: 1 page
  • Extraction of a specific field: 0.2 page (5 fields = one page)
  • Automated extraction of data from a business card: 2 pages

If your application requires more pages than covered in your subscription model, the service will process the additionally requested pages to avoid interruptions of your system. The additionally requested pages will be charged separately.

Bonus: Applications with an active payment model can re‐process up to 100 images per day for free. In addition, these applications can process up to 100 barcodes per day for free. Each additional page will be charged as one page. Each additional barcode will be charged as 0.2 page.

For students

To support young people during their school and study years, we provide
them with access to ABBYY’s premium technology free of charge.

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