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Cloud OCR SDK for students

Get professional OCR for FREE!

Our goal is to provide students around the globe with the world's premier OCR technology free of charge.

At ABBYY, we understand the importance of education and foster a number of educational initiatives, including a partnership with Coursera. Our next step is to provide students around the globe with the world’s premier OCR technology free of charge.

The best OCR available for education

We are giving students an opportunity to use the professional OCR SDK in their projects that big companies such as Fujitsu, Samsung, and Panasonic use in their products. With it, you will have the same high OCR accuracy that they do.

Conditions for participation:

  • Be a student;
  • Commercial projects are not allowed;
  • An online overview of your project or applications is required.

3 steps to get started

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1. Free account creation

Register to create your free account.

Go to registration page
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2. Project overview

Publish an overview of your project or application at your website, personal blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, or any other online resource, with a link to In the overview, please describe the project’s purpose and the way the OCR technology can make it better.

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3. Link sharing

Share a link in the form to the place your overview is published – be it a website, personal blog, or Facebook page.

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