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We believe that everything we do should reflect positively on the world, from the solutions we provide to the way we lead ourselves as the people at ABBYY.

Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing

At ABBYY, we value and celebrate our differences and recognize the strength that diversity brings to the workplace. Our team is made up of 800+ colleagues worldwide, working from across 15 countries.

Together, we proudly represent 30+ nationalities, and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported.

We know that work-life balance looks a little different for everyone, so we provide flexible hours and remote/hybrid working options that can suit a variety of lifestyles.

We also offer our colleagues the chance to contribute to causes they care about through our paid volunteering time off policy.

We work in an atmosphere of collaboration, trust, and respect, and our employees are encouraged to initiate or get involved in employee resource groups, such as our Women @ABBYY initiative.

"There is richness in variety of our collective experiences, history, backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives – those can all thrive within one community, even if that community is organized around a business purpose.

As most successful businesses, we strive to build our product in a way such that we can differentiate it and better serve our customers; in order to do that, we need to be able to innovate – innovation is a function of challenge and non-linear thinking, which is in turn enabled by individuals who represent different perspectives. To hire and retain diverse talent, we need to offer an inclusive environment – a community where differences are celebrated, and where we can all feel like we belong. That’s our aspiration and vision for ABBYY."

Weronika Niemczyk
Chief People Officer

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Building a workforce that reflects the world

Our global team is comprised of 800+ people from 30+ nationalities, with ages ranging from 21 to 80.

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Challenging the gender gap in the tech industry

At ABBYY, we are proud of our above-industry-average representation of women in the workplace. Women at ABBYY represent over 40% of our workforce, and more than a third of our team leaders. 

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Empowering our colleagues

Our colleagues are supported by our leadership team to form employee initiative groups to connect with, and represent, their community within the company. Women@ABBYY is an example of such community.

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Flexibility for every lifestyle

We provide everyone at ABBYY with the option to work remotely or hybrid and build a work schedule that fits their lifestyle through our flexible hours policy. Additionally, as part of our  Volunteer Time Off program, every ABBYY colleague can take two paid days off every year to contribute to a charity of their choice.  

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Nurturing inclusivity and integrity

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of integrity and ethical behavior enforced by our Code of Conduct, which sets the standards for how we act at ABBYY. 

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Celebrating our wins, while striving for better

Over the past years, we have consistently received above industry-average scores of 8.8/10 from our employees when asked how they would rank our Diversity and Inclusion efforts, through our monthly company-wide engagement surveys. 

We already have diversity at ABBYY just by the fact that we are a global company. But having diversity means nothing if employees of all levels and backgrounds don’t feel included or empowered to be their authentic selves. Inclusion goes beyond having a seat at the table, it means being able to voice ideas, express dissent, give positive feedback, and, in general, share your true perspective.

All employees are welcome at Women@ABBYY. We are a diverse and inclusive community, supporting women to reach their full potential.

The Members of the Women@ABBYY Employee Resource Group

Environmental and Social Responsibility

At ABBYY, environmental and social responsibility initiatives have been of vital importance for a long time. Not only do our products help hundreds of clients around the world reduce inefficiencies and improve their resource management practices, but we have also developed our own host initiatives to promote sustainability and social responsibility.

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A tree planted for every deal closed

For every deal closed with a new customer of ABBYY Intelligent Automation solutions, we donate a tree to the non-profit organization One Tree Planted. Customers are given the choice of where they would like their tree planted within North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  One Tree Planted pools the donations for each region and sends the funds to its reforestation partner, enabling them to cover the costs needed to get these trees in the ground. In 2021 alone, over 2,000 trees were planted thanks to this initiative. 

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Paid time off, for a worthy cause

At ABBYY, everyone is entitled to two paid days off every year to contribute to a cause they care about. From hosting charity fundraising events to helping out at animal shelters, our colleagues have contributed to over 40 causes in 2021 alone.  

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On our path to a becoming carbon-neutral

Starting from 2023, ABBYY is committed to measuring the carbon footprint of all our business trips and investing in programs that help offset these emissions. 

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Our ABBYY Summer Challenge

An employee-favorite, our Summer Challenge is a friendly sports competition among our global colleagues. 
Not only do our colleagues reap the health benefits of running, cycling, walking or swimming, but for each kilometer completed, we make a donation to a charitable organization supporting underprivileged people aspiring for a career in tech. 

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Local initiatives

Each of our regional offices organize regular charitable events, to support activities and causes they find important locally. 
From donating Christmas presents to sporting events such as charity runs, there is always something for our colleagues to get involved in to support a worthy cause.

Charities that provide immense support to the most vulnerable members of the local community always need more volunteers. I’m thankful I was able extend my support in a small way using the Volunteer Time Off policy at ABBYY and I hope others will do the same.

Catherine Barr
Solution Development Representative who used her ABBYY Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to work at the thrift shop run by a charity that offers emergency shelter and other services to support victims of domestic violence in California.

It can’t be overstated how much more you ‘get back’ when you give back. I am extremely thankful to ABBYY for initiating this VTO program.

Camille Womack
Content Strategy & Development Manager who used her ABBYY Volunteer Paid Time Off to help at the Giving Hope food pantry in New Orleans

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