ABBYY and Avision Jointly Present Their Products at eMex China 2007

November 15, 2007

One of world’s top scanner manufacturers and a leading OCR/data capture solution provider demonstrated their best products side-by-side at the largest IT exhibition in China 

ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies, joined Avision, a world-leading manufacturer of workgroup and departmental document input devices, to feature their top products at the shared stand at eMex China 2007 which took place at the end of October.

ABBYY presented its award-winning FineReader OCR application and FlexiCapture data capture software, while Avision featured its state-of-the-art high capacity scanners.

The collaboration was of great significance to both companies, and it stirred a lot of interest among the attendees. “First of all, we’d like to thank Avision for inviting ABBYY to participate in an event of such scale and importance. Thanks to eMex China 2007 we were able to be here in person and present our products to Chinese customers. Moreover, this was a great opportunity to demonstrate the products from a world-class scanner manufacturer, such as Avision, and ABBYY’s intelligent recognition software side-by-side. The opportunity provided by Avision is very important for ABBYY’s international business, and we plan to continue our cooperation in the future,” stated Gregory Lipich, CEO of ABBYY Russia.

Charlie Chou, Vice President of Avision, commented that he was pleased with the joined work with ABBYY and its software solutions and expressed hope for subsequent joined projects.

Both companies agreed that their collaboration at eMex China 2007 was an important step towards building a long-lasting relationship.

About Avision

Founded in April 1991 by a group of engineers with strong engineering expertise, Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of quality, high performance scanners and key components for multi-function products. Through innovative product development, strategic partnerships and successful business models, Avision has become a leading supplier in the scanner industry. To ensure the world class product quality and reliability, Avision attained ISO-9001 certification in 1993 and ISO-14001 certification in early 2002. The implementation of ISO-9001 significantly helps every employee build quality into every aspect of the company’s operation. Avision understands that continuous innovation is the key to success. Hence we unceasingly encourage creative ideas and invest a significant portion of our revenue in research and development to enhance our product quality and features. Due to these efforts, our business success is achieved. To meet the strong demand from the market, Avision has expanded its scanner capacity to 300,000 units each month and also extended its factories overseas. As a reputable company committed to providing complete customer satisfaction, Avision will continue to provide high-performance and innovative products for its worldwide customers.