ABBYY Announces Its Name in Chinese: 泰比科技

October 10, 2007

ABBYY, a leading developer of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies, today announced its company name in Chinese, 泰比科技 . This announcement follows the launch of ABBYY’s corporate website in Chinese,

Many companies that enter the Chinese market register a name in the native language. ABBYY wanted not only to find a name that sounds similar to its English spelling: it wanted to find a name that is also meaningful. It had to be something that would relay the emotional aspect of company’s spirit and reflect the essence of its mission. The name is pronounced as “taibi keji” (Tai Bi Technologies). For ABBYY, the meaning of 泰比 relays the notions of serenity, tranquillity and stability. ABBYY’s mission is to help to improve the quality of life by developing artificial intelligence technologies for efficiently capturing, translating, and transforming information into access ible and useful knowledge. The philosophy behind ABBYY’s products is that they are made to simplify routine tasks related to the document processing, eliminate communication barriers between people and streamline business processes. Ultimately, ABBYY’s products are created to make people’s work more efficient and comfortable.

The founder of the company, David Yang, comments: “It is very meaningful for ABBYY to have a name in Chinese. It is especially important to me because my father is Chinese, and there always has been a tender, personal attachment to China for me.”

Now, under the name 泰比科技 , ABBYY will begin offering its support services to customers in China.