ABBYY Announces New Version of Lingvo, the Most Popular Dictionary Software in Russia

April 16, 2007

ABBYY Lingvo 12 Provides Fast and Accurate Translation between Russian and Nine Languages and Is Ideal for People Who Study or Use Russian Language. It Offers Comprehensive and Up-to-date Vocabulary, Superior Usability and Portability

ABBYY, a world leader in the development of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies, today announced worldwide availability of Lingvo 12, the newest version of its award-winning dictionary software. ABBYY Lingvo 12 provides instant and accurate translation of words from Russian to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and back. The dictionary is designed for both Russian-speaking users and those who study Russian or use it for communication. The dictionary includes about 7.5 million entries (or 17 million translations) in its 128 dictionaries, including general, professional, specialized, regional, and explanatory dictionaries as well as thesauri, phrasebooks, dictionaries of idioms and abbreviations. A versatile and flexible tool, ABBYY Lingvo can be installed on a desktop PC, notebook, handheld PC, smartphone and network server allowing users to read, write, translate foreign texts and study languages at any time and place.

From the dictionary entries, users can get actual and detailed information on every word and word combination with various translations, abundant word-use examples from real sources (books, newspapers and other publications), grammar references, synonyms, antonyms, variant spellings, phonetic transcriptions and pronunciations. Russian words are provided with indication of stress. In addition, with the new pop-up translation feature, users can get information on unfamiliar words instantly, simply on them. 

Key Features and Benefits

“ABBYY Lingvo contains practically a whole library of perfectly matched dictionaries for various purposes. But unlike a usual library of printed books, it provides the ability to search and translate words or phrases within seconds using all the available sources at the same time. In addition, all these dictionaries are constantly being updated by professional lexicographers, accompanied by useful information and easily reachable at any time”, explained Margarita Amalitskaya, Chief Product Manager for ABBYY. “So it comes as no surprise that ABBYY Lingvo today is recognized as a number one dictionary in Russia among both electronic and printed dictionaries, with estimated number of users exceeding 5 000 000 people*. For 17 years since its launch in 1990, the dictionary has literally become a must for people who have to do with foreign languages.”

ABBYY Lingvo 12 covers the most widespread European languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, as well as Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Latin. Its vocabulary database consists of electronic versions of the most authoritative and up-to-date dictionaries (80 percent of them are published between the years 2003 and 2006) including general, professional, specialized, country-specific, explanatory dictionaries, and phrasebooks. It also provides the ability to build a user's own vocabulary and add custom dictionaries for any languages.

The new version of ABBYY Lingvo contains 19 completely new and 12 significantly updated dictionaries with about 1,300,000 new entries. One of the most important dictionaries added to the version 12 is the Collins English Dictionary, the 8th edition (an authoritative explanatory dictionary of the English language published by HarperCollins Publishers in 2006), which includes definitions of English words with etymological references and will be very useful for translators and advanced users of English.

In addition to comprehensive vocabulary database, ABBYY Lingvo offers the full-text search capabilities allowing users to search for words and word combinations in all texts of its dictionaries including headwords, translations, examples of use, and comments. The new version also supports a wildcard search that is recommended when users are not sure how to spell a word. In that case, they can simply type letters they know and use the "?" symbol in place of each unknown letter or the "*" symbol to indicate a group of unknown characters.

The new version also offers a completely overhauled user interface to make the translation and search of words even easier and faster and includes a range of valuable features such as instant pop-up translation. With the new version, users can get translations of unfamiliar words instantly when browsing the Web, reading emails or texts on-screen. There is no longer need to open the dictionary to see the meaning – it is enough to simply put the cursor on an unknown word and its translation will pop up. This feature is intended for both users who read foreign texts and for those people who make their first steps in a language.

The program comes with a tool for learning new words, Lingvo Tutor. With the new version, Lingvo Tutor can be installed not only on a desktop PC but also on a handheld computer helping users to study languages on every possible occasion at any place.

ABBYY Lingvo 12 Family

ABBYY Lingvo 12 is available in three editions, which have the same user interface and set of functions, but differ in number of dictionaries and supported languages:

  • ABBYY Lingvo 12 English-Russian Version is designed for translation from Russian to English and the other way around. The version includes 2.5 million entries in 50 dictionaries.
  • ABBYY Lingvo 12 European Version provides translation from Russian to the most popular European languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and back. It includes 6 million entries in 110 dictionaries.
  • ABBYY Lingvo 12 Multilingual Version covers all the languages supported by the European Version plus Chinese, Turkish, Ukraine and Latin. It contains 7.5 million entries and 128 dictionaries.    

Availability and Pricing

ABBYY Lingvo 12 is available for purchase immediately through the online store, retail outlets and resellers worldwide. For detailed product information, visit or contact your local ABBYY office.

*According to internal research.