ABBYY Contributes Its Share in Development of ECM Market

May 18, 2005

AIIM in the USA and DOCFLOW in Russia - the Same Time, the Same Goals 

ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition and linguistic technologies, for the sixth time participates at the AIIM ON DEMAND Conference and Exposition in Philadelphia, May 17-19. And almost at the same time, on May 24, ABBYY will organize in Moscow the annual DOCFLOW Conference and Exhibition on document management and automation. These two exhibitions are related to each other, first of all, by their significance for the ECM industry.

AIIM, the ECM Association, for over 60 years has been the leading international organization focused on helping users to understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content, and business processes. AIIM provides industry news and information, educational events, market analysis, publications and much more. Among the members of AIIM are the leading industry professionals.
AIIM ON DEMAND is the largest enterprise content and document management conference and exposition showcasing the technologies to capture, manage, share, and store documents and digital content to support business processes and comply with governmental regulations. Complete information about AIIM is available at, for more information on AIIM ON DEMAND, please visit

ABBYY at AIIM: History and Present

ABBYY is a permanent member of AIIM since 1999 and considered one of the key players in the content management arena. ABBYY products have been awarded at the AIIM exposition by the leading industry publications (AIIM E-DOC magazine, 2004; Transform Magazine, 2002).
On 2005 ABBYY presents at the AIIM Exposition its advanced document recognition and data capture technologies and solutions, including:

  • ABBYY FormReader 6.5 , a new version of data capture platform for processing of forms and semi-structured forms and documents. FormReader offers cutting-edge OCR, ICR, OMR, and OBR technologies to extract key pieces of data from forms for export to a variety of databases and information management systems.
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio 1.5 , a powerful software tool that helps to extract data from semi-structured forms and documents. FlexiCapture Studio has got the "AIIM Best of Show 2004" award in Recognition Category.
  • ABBYY FineReader Engine 7.1 , a Software Development Kit for integrating ABBYY OCR (machine print), ICR (hand print), OMR (checkmark), and OBR (barcode) and forms processing technologies into Windows applications.
  • ABBYY FineReader 7.0 , an ideal OCR application to efficiently convert and repurpose a variety of paper documents and PDFs to editable formats such as Microsoft Word, XML, Excel and PDF, for editing, publishing and archiving needs.
    For complete information about ABBYY products and technologies, please visit

DOCFLOW: Much More than Just a Professional Exhibition

In spite of the fact that DOCFLOW covers mainly the Russian ECM marketplace, it can rather be compared with AIIM by its goals and objectives such as consolidation and development of the ECM industry, educational and information activity.

For the first time DOCFLOW conference and exhibition has been organized by ABBYY 11 years ago to give Russian IT companies an opportunity to present and promote their document and content management solutions. Since then DOCFLOW conference and exhibition has become the largest ECM industry event in Russia.

DOCFLOW conferences bring together the leading professionals in the field, including managers from state organizations, banks and large enterprises. It is expected that more then 2000 IT professionals will participate in DOCFLOW this year. Representatives of well-known foreign IT companies, including EMC Documentum, IBM, Kofax and others, traditionally participates as DOCFLOW exhibitors as well.

Konstantin Sinyushin, CEO of EMC Documentum in Russia, said: "Year by year DOCFLOW becomes even more interesting event for participants and visitors. The industry is developing very fast and there is an ever-growing demand for complex solutions in the market. So "to be at DOCFLOW" means to be well posted on the latest tendencies in the industry, to have an ideal opportunity to communicate with partners. On the other hand, due to the organizers' efforts, increasingly more competent attendees, potential customers and members of the industry press are gathered together at DOCFLOW. This year EMC Documentum participates at DOCFLOW for the 10th time, and what is more, for three years running our company is a sponsor of the exhibition, and since 2004 we are a general sponsor."

DOCFLOW today is more than an exhibition. portal is the industry information center, allowing professionals to exchange knowledge, practices and experiences. It is intended for providing the most complete information on the ECM industry, technologies, solutions, companies and key persons. Even the word "docflow" in itself, invented by ABBYY's employees, has become common today and very often used in Russia in the meaning "workflow" and instead of "workflow".