ABBYY Is Named Market Leader in Language Services and Language Technology Sectors in Russia

A Major Player in Two Key Industries Supporting International Business Development, According to Independent Research from LISA


ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic software, today announced that it has been named a leader in both language services and language technology markets in the report prepared by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA). This report - “Globalization Services in Russia: Market Assessment and Analysis” - is based on research conducted in 2008 including interviews with more than 100 companies about their experience in the Russian language services market.


“Russian language services represent a US$ 270 – $320 million market that is growing rapidly... Of this, approximately US$ 250–300 million is in the translation and localization (T&L) services market and US$ 18–20 is in the language technology market (with a much larger potentially addressable market)”, the report says.


ABBYY Language Services (in Russia it operates under the local brand “”) is mentioned as one of the five largest and most successful providers of language services among over 800 companies of this type in Russia.


“It is the first time that a research of the language services industry in Russia has been done on such a scale. And what is equally significant it has been carried out by LISA, an authoritative international organization in the field of localization and globalization, - said Ivan Smolnikov, CEO of ABBYY Language Services. “Language support is one of the key factors for success when entering a foreign market. Today, many international companies are interested in developing their business in Russia, and professional language support of a local provider will make the localization process much simpler and smoother for them.”


In addition to thorough analysis of the translation and localization sector, the LISA’s report covers language technology market in Russia which includes electronic dictionary and translation software providers. ABBYY has been named a major player in this field for its award-winning Lingvo dictionary software which is very popular among individual users, including professional translators and business persons. Underlying the Lingvo electronic dictionary is ABBYY’s extensive expertise in developing linguistic and retrieval technologies.


“One of the key advantages of ABBYY in both fields is the ability to leverage the synergy between linguistic technologies and language services,” - said Alexander Rylov, director of linguistic products department at ABBYY. ­“The extensive experience in language services helps to enhance linguistic technologies and software products, and vice versa. Combined together, these activities strengthen the ABBYY brand as an expert in linguistics.”


ABBYY Lingvo combines reliable content from world-renowned publishers and ABBYY’s own publishing house, powerful word look-up and intuitive interface. It allows users to quickly and accurately translate words and phrases from various languages offering English, German and Russian as the core starting languages. To date, there are more than 7 million users of ABBYY Lingvo products in several countries*. For more information about ABBYY Lingvo, visit

About The Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA)

LISA is a member-governed, non-profit organization that leads the globalization industry in the development of standards that facilitate international business. For more information, visit Learn more about the “Globalization Services in Russia: Market Assessment and Analysis” report.

About ABBYY Language Services

ABBYY Language Services is a professional hi-tech company providing comprehensive language services. Its core business includes translation, localization, interpreting, desktop publishing (DTP), terminology management and other services. ABBYY Language Services is a part of ABBYY Group, a world leader in developing document recognition and linguistic technologies.For more information, visit

* User number figures are based on internal company data.