ABBYY® Lingvo for iOS Enriched with Macmillan Essential Dictionary

August 26, 2013

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS®, a cutting-edge application to instantly translate words and phrases in multiple languages, has been enriched with a premium quality English dictionary from Macmillan Publishers Limited. The Macmillan Essential Dictionary is one of a range of leading learner’s dictionaries produced by Macmillan, and is an indispensable aid to intermediate learners of English.


The Essential Dictionary contains over 45,000 headwords, phrases, and phrasal verbs, with 36,000 examples showing how words are used in a wide variety of situations. The 3,500 most important words to learn at this level are highlighted and ranked with stars for frequency of use; there is special emphasis on contemporary vocabulary, such as computer language and colloquial language. Hundreds of informative boxes, containing grammar, vocabulary, and usage notes make Macmillan Essential Dictionary one the leading English learner’s dictionaries.


ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for Apple® mobile devices offers access to reliable, up-to-date content covering general translation, subject, and explanatory dictionaries for 96 language combinations. Based on ABBYY’s foremost OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, it provides the easiest way to translate unfamiliar words found in various printed materials by simply photographing them with the iPhone’s camera.


The Macmillan Essential Dictionary is available for purchase and download from within ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS (accessible via the Apple App Store®). For more information about ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS, visit

More about Macmillan Essential Dictionary

An essential reference for the classroom and home, The Macmillan Essential Dictionary offers invaluable support for those wishing to write and speak English accurately. It builds on the success of the Macmillan English Dictionary, adapting its unique features to the different needs of intermediate learners.


The core vocabulary that intermediate learners need most for writing and speaking English is highlighted and graded for frequency of use. Clear, simple definitions, menus for easy navigation, and many help boxes combine to make this dictionary invaluable for English language learners.


Key features:

  • Over 45,000 headwords, phrases, and phrasal verbs, and 36,000 examples showing meaning and usage
  • Special emphasis on contemporary vocabulary, such as computer language and colloquial language
  • The most important words are highlighted and graded with stars for frequency of use
  • Numerous Help Boxes contain grammar, vocabulary, and usage notes

About Macmillan Publishers Limited

Macmillan Education is a leading British educational publisher, specializing in language materials for learners of English. It is part of Macmillan Publishers Limited, a publishing group which also includes Palgrave Macmillan, who publish higher education materials; Pan Macmillan, who publish fiction and non-fiction trade books; and Nature Publishing Group, who publish the world famous scientific journal Nature and a range of associated specialized journals.


The Macmillan range of learner’s dictionaries was launched in 2002 with the publication of the award-winning Macmillan English Dictionary. Further titles in the series include the Macmillan Essential Dictionary, Macmillan Phrasal Verbs Plus, the Macmillan School Dictionary, the Macmillan Study Dictionary, and the Macmillan Collocations Dictionary. For more information about Macmillan, Macmillan Education, and about Macmillan Dictionaries, visit: