ABBYY Retires Its Apps for Symbian and Windows Mobile

April 16, 2012

The world of mobile applications, platforms and devices is an ever-evolving and rapidly changing section of the global market. The updates are released in bunches with growing frequency, so the earlier versions and whole systems have no other way but to step aside. As a result we have come to the decision to discontinue sales of our applications for the Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems, namely:

  • ABBYY Lingvo x3 Mobile for Symbian and Windows Mobile
  • ABBYY Business Card Reader for Symbian
  • ABBYY FotoTranslate for Symbian
  • ABBYY Tutor for Windows Mobile


Starting today, we end sales of our products for Windows Mobile and Symbian, though we will provide support for those products until the end of 2012. If you have any questions about mobile products mentioned above, please address them to our Support Team: