ABBYY Widens Gateway to China with Launch of Corporate Website in Chinese

August 24, 2007

Official Corporate Site to Signal the Company's Commitment to the Chinese-Speaking Market


ABBYY, a world leader in the development of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies, today announced the launch of, a new localized company website in Chinese, to expand its software offering and services to China’s rapidly growing population of advanced computer users and knowledge workers. The new site is to provide company and product information, facilitate access to ABBYY products and support and enhance communications with China and other countries where Chinese language is widely spoken.


“Statistics and forecasts for the IT and mobile communications industries in China show remarkable potential, thus making it a natural step for ABBYY, being a leading software developer, to growth presence there,” said Gregory Lipich, CEO, ABBYY Russia, “and we are very excited about this opportunity.” According to the Ministry of Information Industry, China's software industry generated 143.5 billion Yuan (18.4 billion U.S. dollars) in revenue from January to April, 2007, a 28 percent increase year-on-year.  The ministry also forecast China's market for software and information services to reach 127 billion U.S. dollars by 2010.


ABBYY’s mobile OCR technologies are in the right place for the benefit of the fast-growing mobile market in China. According to InStat, 10.5 million smartphones were sold in 2006, a twofold increase from previous year. Furthermore, as the ROA Group forecasts, 711.6 million Chinese people, which is 52.5% of the total population, will subscribe to mobile communications services by 2010.


The ABBYY name has been resonating with the region already, mainly through its association with partners in Beijing and Shanghai. Also, ABBYY’s SDK technologies have been reaching corporate customers in Mainland China though partner network in South East Asia.


“ABBYY, being dedicated to developing innovative technologies in areas of ECM and text recognition, will continue its R&D in language support, with Chinese being among the top ten languages in focus,” commented Gregory Lipich. “As for our marketing strategy, we plan to reach out to companies that deal with Chinese and multi-lingual business content on a daily basis.”


In order to grow brand recognition and customer base within the Chinese-speaking market further, ABBYY plans to establish a local office in China as well.