Indian Educational Institutions Use ABBYY FormReader

June 30, 2004

ABBYY's Indian partner TRS Forms & Services provided the processing of 150,000 applications and exam forms in just 15 days


ABBYY, a leader in document recognition, forms processing and linguistic technologies, and its Indian partner TRS Forms & Services (P) Ltd., which specializes in providing integrated OMR and ICR solutions for document and data capture, announce the successful completion of their joint forms processing project. The project enabled several Indian universities and colleges to process over 150,000 applications and examination forms in only 15 days.


TRS provides a wide range of IT-enabled services. The company maintains a form-processing center in Chennai, which conducts different kinds of projects for government, health care industry, market research agencies, and educational institutions. In the beginning of 2004 TRS received service requests from Chennai Anna University, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Pondicherry Engineering College, and the Bangalore Common Entrance Test Cell. They needed students' application forms and exam forms to be processed within a very short period of time. TRS certified engineers designed machine-readable forms for each client and prepared the equipment for shock work.


The end of April and the beginning of May marked the start of the entrance examinations. The scanning was done on site and the images were recorded on CDs and sent to the TRS processing centre, as the clients were situated in four different cities. In Chennai a team of 12 operators worked in shifts and carried out recognition, verification and export of data using ABBYY FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition. The operators were able to process about 10,000 forms per day and successfully completed the job in 15 days' time. If the same job had been done manually, it would have taken each customer almost 1 month and would have required a large pool of operators. The introduction of the new data capture technology not only speeded up the entire process, but also enabled the universities to place image clippings such as photos, signatures and address fields on the hall tickets sent to the candidates.


"This is the first time we have felt relaxed when processing such a high volume of applications," said Mr. Jamal, Administrative Officer of Common Entrance Test Cell. "The hall tickets were dispatched well ahead of time thus avoiding the postal delays and unnecessary tensions for the candidates. Definitely this process is far better than the manual data entry and also more organized."


"ABBYY FormReader has shown how technology can help the end user in many ways, and we did not feel the pressure of work and we felt very normal even on these processing days," said Mr. Subramanian, CEO of TRS Forms & Services. "FormReader is easily comprehensible for the user and at the same time incredibly powerful and accurate software. That is why we have chosen it for our centre."


This was not the first project of its kind fort ABBYY. ABBYY FormReader has been successfully used by colleges and universities in other countries. Manila University has integrated ABBYY's FormReader technology into its document management system and uses it to process thousands of examination papers in a matter of days. In Russia, a special version of FormReader, ABBYY TestReader, has been installed in more than 50 universities. Since 2001 TestReader was used to process the results of nation-wide matriculation examinations: annually more than 3,000,000 examination papers are successfully processed within just 2-3 weeks.

About TRS Forms & Services

TRS Forms & Services specializes in forms processing, using OMR and imaging technology, and character recognition from ABBYY. TRS has ABBYY Certified Engineers for technical support. The company has a good customer base in the government and education sectors and has successfully implemented forms processing using ABBYY Enterprise Forms in many universities, recruitment boards and entrance examination boards. For details please visit