ABBYY Comparator

ABBYY Comparator

Helps Eliminate Inaccuracy and Risk

Forget error-prone manual proofing and comparing two documents line-by-line. With Comparator, differences in text between two document versions are recognized and highlighted – preventing the signing or release of incorrect versions.

Automation Saves Time and Effort

Automating document comparison frees people from time-consuming manual comparison, enabling them to devote time to more important and profitable work.

Compares Different Types of Text Documents

Comparator compares documents in many formats – Microsoft® Office, PDFs, paper scans without text layers, photos and image files, (JPEG, TIFF, PNG). And it can compare two versions of the same document across different formats. For instance you can compare an agreed contract in Word to a scan of the same document in PDF that has been signed by a contractor. See all supported formats

No Change Goes Unnoticed

Changes are highlighted in both compared documents, making them highly noticeable and eliminating the need for line-by-line comparison. To further lower the risk of missing significant changes, only text variations are displayed: deletions, additions and text edits. Minor differences (layout, formatting, spaces, etc.) are ignored.

Perfect for Review and Collaboration

Comparisons can be saved as PDFs with changes marked as comments, or as a Word documents featuring a Differences report. Insignificant differences between two document versions can also be removed from a report before creating it.

Instant Productivity

With Comparator there’s no learning curve.  It’s so intuitive that you can use it productively right away – just point, click and compare.

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