Alex Lobba

Consultant, Product Marketing Manager, ABBYY


Responsible for cloud strategy at ABBYY, Alex Lobba is a software executive and leadership coach with great people and communication skills; market making thinking; and high performance in products and marketing. Alex has defined strategic product direction, differentiated positioning, and optimized processes. He has led product marketing, products, and marketing teams at Citrix, Accept Software, Mercury and Kintana. He has consulted with companies such as Cloudability, Jive, Intacct and Microsoft. Alex is passionate about cloud and lean methodology.


Winning with the Cloud

9:30pm – 10:15pm,
Friday May 24

This session will address the cloud strategy of the ABBYY portfolio and how endorsing a cloud first option for customers differentiates your solutions and competitiveness.  This session will review the cloud capabilities of ABBYY along with delivering a vision for the future that will enable customers to achieve their digital transformation and Content IQ goals via a more easily consumed and sometimes preferred model.