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ABBYY solution helps Russo Trans process transportation orders and receipts

Transportation & Logistics | Accounts Payable

Customer Overview

Name ZAO Russo Trans
Industry Logistics
Products and Services Rail transportation, international container shipment, and development of rail transport solutions

To cut the cost of document processing, avoid inefficient manual labor, and improve the quality of data in the company’s information system


A web-based document processing system built around ABBYY FlexiCapture. Verification is outsourced to TehCompass.

  • The number of errors has been greatly reduced
  • The company’s employees no longer waste time on manual document processing tasks

ZAO Russo Trans is a group of logistics companies with varying profiles, including rail transportation, international container shipment, and development of rail transport solutions. It employs 120 people.

“ABBYY FlexiCapture is a simple and effective solution, as we discovered first-hand. We were also very impressed by TehCompass’ services, especially by the quality of their technical support. Thanks to all this, we were able to launch a new business process in just a month. We plan to start processing new types of documents in the near future.”
Roman Rosenfeld, CEO at Russo Trans


Any transport company that offers rail transport services has to handle large volumes of documents. The most important among them are receipts and orders, since the numbers of these documents are used to identify cargo. When these documents are processed, their scanned copies have to be stored in a database along with the data they contain.

Russo Trans needed to minimize expenditures on processing documents. Inefficient manual tasks had to go, and the quality of collected data had to improve.


Russo Trans selected an online document processing system based on ABBYY FlexiCapture that was provided by TehCompass. This solution fit perfectly with their plans to minimize expenditures, since they only had to pay for processed pages.

Implementation took less than a month. Now scanned documents are e-mailed to a special address, from which they are imported by ABBYY FlexiCapture, verified, and stored in Russo Trans’ information system.

Many of the documents arrive from all over the country. The print or scan quality of some of them leaves much to be desired, while others are soiled or too dark. The identification numbers of receipts may be printed over other text or written by hand. Due to all of this, captured data has to be verified to insure accuracy.

Russo Trans outsources verification tasks to TehCompass, which outsources them to other parties. This approach allows Russo Trans to focus on its core business, without distracting staff with document processing tasks.


Russo Trans can now process transport orders and receipts, whose numbers may range from the usual 600 pages per month to tens of thousands when the company ramps up its operations. The company has noted a substantial drop in errors and in the volume of strenuous and exhausting document processing tasks.

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