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Brazilian university fights against acts of violence among children with the help of ABBYY FlexiCapture

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Customer Overview

Name São Paulo Federal University
Headquarters São Paulo, Brazil
Industry Education

Partner Overview

Name Macrosolution
Industry Software and hardware
Products and Services Systems and solutions for document conversion into the digital format

Automate the calculation and analysis of research results


Implementation of ABBYY FlexiCapture

  • Processing took only 5 hours
  • Data were exported to calculation system (Statistic Package for Social Sciences)

In today’s world acts of violence have been increasing in quantity, and this has become especially true for schools. According to the United Nations for South America, in Brazil between 21% and 40% of primary school pupils have been victims of school bullying. Moreover, there exist numerous dangerous games played by boys and girls. Unfortunately, these kinds of behavior can cause large psychological and physical consequences in both victims and aggressors.





questionnaire pages

5 hours

to digitize the survey data

Determining the Original Cause of Violence

Determining the Original Cause of Violence Psychologist Juliana Guilheri studies the phenomenon of violence in the Federal University of São Paulo (one of the biggest and oldest in the city) and its counterpart in France - Paris West University. A doctoral candidate in Psychology, Juliana researches the causes of violence and the influence of external factors on the aggressive behavior of children, and additionally works on prevention and intervention strategies in order to improve the overall student performance and the situation in general.

Her research required polling more than 1000 students with the use of a questionnaire form which consisted of 3 pages filled with data on social and cultural background, school experiences, lifestyle, etc. The scope of the work was extensive for a single scientist, and would doubtlessly have taken up a considerable amount of time, raising the costs and the workload in the process.

Thus, there was a clear need of automating the collection and processing of data.

Various Brazilian institutions had already worked on projects in the fields of Education and Sciences, proving the availability and advantages of research automatization - namely, the use of data capture technology. Foundation Institute of Economic Research (A Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas - FIPE), NNSolutions (a well-known Brazilian Research and Development Company), GPGConcursos – all were successful examples of solving similar testing issues with the help of ABBYY OCR technologies.

Consequently, it was decided that Ms. Guilheri’s project would also benefit from implementation of such software. One of ABBYY’s longstanding partners, Macrosolution, offered ABBYY FlexiCapture technology as a tool for processing the completed forms.

"FlexiCapture was chosen due to ABBYY’s seriousness and commitment towards their products. Here in Brazil, it is considered to be one of the pioneering and most respected companies when it comes to solutions for scanning and document processing. Moreover, the testimonials of several FlexiCapture users were considered with great care, corroborating with our excellent choice."
Juliana Guilheri, Psychologist, Doctoral candidate at Paris West University and Federal University of São Paulo

Conducting the Research

Once the software was chosen, the entire project - from installing the solution to exporting the collected data into the calculation system - took approximately a couple of weeks.

The psychologist Ms. Guilheri worked out the content for the questionnaire, and Macrosolution assisted her with the design of the form. After the survey was conducted and the papers collected, ABBYY FlexiCapture scanned and processed the forms. The technology not only recognized and captured the necessary data, but also sorted out the documents according to the 4 states where the research participants came from.

The processing of 3000 pages took only 5 hours, after which the data were calculated in the Statistic Package for Social Sciences program (SPSS) for a statistical analysis of the results.

Analyzing the results

The important statistics and data analysis conclusions will be unveiled in specialized psychological and sociological scientific publications. Additionally, the information will be submitted to the University management and to responsible government institutions, who will then work out prevention and intervention strategies and take the necessary measures against acts of violence at schools.

For instance, as one of the measures, special materials targeted at adults will be issued, thus informing teachers and adults of preventive measures against dangerous and violent behavior among children in schools.

That’s how ABBYY FlexiCapture - an easy-to-use and efficient automation solution - once again led to beneficial social change.

FlexiCapture was extremely helpful for the speed and efficiency of our project. ABBYY representative in Brazil - Macrosolution - through their technical consultant Mr. Marcos Lucania was extremely proactive and reactive, providing us with full assistance during all the stages of data processing.

“I am very pleased with FlexiCapture’s performance. The software is suitable for those who want fast results and flexibility when processing thousands of documents. You can trust the trained and skilled staff to deliver a customized service with cutting-edge technology. I am really satisfied with my FlexiCapture experience. Manual data input, never again!”
Juliana Guilheri, Psychologist, Doctoral candidate at Paris West University and Federal University of São Paulo
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