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How to convert IDs into cars and cash: Kuwait’s expertise

BPO/Service Providers | ID Recognition

Customer Overview

Name Private holding group
Headquarters Kuwait
Industry BPO / Service providers
Products and Services Car rentals

Partner Overview

Name NVSSoft
Products and Services Multilingual information management solutions

Automate processing of ID cards


ABBYY FineReader Engine

  • Automatic processing of over 400,000 IDs per year
  • Expanded car rental and currency exchange network
  • Maximum efficiency and accuracy

Due to antiquated and legacy security systems, inefficient way of processing Identity Documents, combined with an unfortunate rise in international crime, in 2012 Kuwait Government issued new smart Civil ID cards and expanded their field of application. Director-General of the Public Authority for Civil Information Musa’ed Al-Asousi specified that the card is to be used for personal identification, technical and security purposes.

Companies and organizations had to adapt to the increased need to process ID documents and keep up with the growing workflow. Thanks to the innovation today citizens use the smart ID cards to travel, exchange money, register at hospitala, perform banking operations etc.

A private holding group – one of the leading car rental and currency exchange service providers in Kuwait – also faced the challenge to cope with the ever growing number of client’s requests.

3 Standard Pitfalls of Manual Processing

First of all it should be noted that the State of Kuwait is characterized by a large number of expats, high mobility of its citizens and continuous community growth. Car rental and currency exchange offices have to process various types of identity documents, including IDs issued in the Gulf countries as well as international passports. Therefore it takes an operator a considerable amount of time to find the necessary information in documents of different layouts and languages (Arabic and English at the very least) to enter it into the system. Moreover, all the documents are shipped from local offices to the central processing point which requires additional time and costs.

The second important thing is that manual retyping of personal data from 30’000 scans of IDs per month poses a risk of inaccurate data, including all possible negative consequences; moreover the data accuracy doesn’t satisfy high standards of the Civil Information System.

Finally, the whole workflow was too complicated, inefficient and costly – implying excessive hardware and human resources. Therefore in order to overcome the above mentioned issues and maintain fast customer service the holding group initiated automation of ID processing.

ID Processing Architecture

The project was conducted by NVSSoft – a trusted UAE-based provider of multilingual information management solutions for the Middle East. The holding group commissioned the upgrade of their ID processing workflow to the system integrator due to their successful experience with the similar projects in Kuwait, positive feedback from their customers and deep expertise of Arabic technologies.

The team created an integrated customized web solution for the ID capture process based on NVSSoft ArcMate Data Center Document Management System, Oracle Database and ABBYY Arabic OCR engine. “The main reason for us to go with ABBYY was recognition quality” – explained Hani Kadah, Product Manager, NVSSoft.

The environment was aimed at decentralizing and fastening the document capturing process, while maintaining strict quality control. The whole process was organized the following way:

• In local sales offices operators scanned customer’s IDs and forms using remote scanning stations distributed in sales’ outlets.
• Right after that the scanned documents got directly into electronic archive.
• With the help of ABBYY OCR and data capture technology the operator initiated automatic extraction of the necessary data from the scanned IDs and forms in English and Arabic with the highest accuracy of the information.

Thanks to the seamless architecture of the solution, the extracted data were directly exported into NVSSoft ArcMate Data Center and Oracle Database for further processing, analysis and storage. Thus the system integrator’s team managed to create fully almost fully automated ID processing workflow, which significantly eased and fastened customers’ care.

Efficient Workflow Improvement Helps the Business to Grow

“The project is functionally operational now, with progressive deployments on new sites. The customer appreciated lots of time and cost savings by de-centralizing the document capturing process, while maintaining strict quality control.”
Hani Kadah, Product Manager, NVSSoft

1 year ago the project started with processing of 400,000 IDs per year, today the increased efficiency, saved costs and human resources allowed the holding group to expand car rental and currency exchange network. Simple API and flexible architecture of ABBYY FineReader Engine provided seamless integration into the customer’s environment and for easy data processing and analysis. ABBYY Arabic OCR solution provided fully automatic instant and precise capture of ID number, full name, date of birth, nationality, expiry date and other necessary information thus making services more attractive and valuable for the end user.

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