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Joint Scanning Solution of Tamtus Co., Ltd. and ABBYY FineReader Engine Technology Enhance English Language Learning in South Korea

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Joint Scanning Solution of Tamtus Co., Ltd. and ABBYY FineReader Engine Technology Enhance English Language Learning in South Korea


Established in 1999 Tamtus Co., Ltd., having a mission to deliver its professional services and digital solutions for education and business in South Korea, has specialized in manufacturing LCD Display Lift, Height-adjustable Workstation Lift, Document Camera, LED Lamp, Interactive Whiteboard, and Book Scanners. 

Being a registered government supplier Tamtus develops digital solutions that are integrated into educational services to increase the level of professional performance of public institutions. Its collaboration technology is adopted for computer and language labs, e-learning systems design, multimedia classrooms and lecture theatres. 

Recently the Company has started a new project – development of a book scanner, Magic VT-320P, which is intended to be an educational instrument for Korean teachers whose English is not fluent enough to conduct efficient lessons. Tamtus Co., Ltd. tried to elaborate an effective scanning solution that would offer high image quality preserving the safety of documents. 



Magic VT-320P is a portable book scanner for classroom with a 3.2 Mpixel Camera inside. From the first Tamtus Co., Ltd. wanted to create a useful teacher’s tool that projects printed materials to a big screen for instructions and presentations at ease. Following the main idea of the project the instructor or student leveraging the new scanner should be able to instantly share any book, binding or paper without necessity of making a digital image of the document (scan or photocopy is neither required). 

It goes without saying that quality results are the primary objective of any digitization project. On that premise, Tamtus Co., Ltd. has chosen the award-winning OCR Software of ABBYY for its portable scanner Magic VT-320P to facilitate the highest level of accuracy in document capture and conversion. The powerful technology of ABBYY FineReader Engine 9 specially designed for paper documents digitization allowed Magic VT-320P to accurately scan and capture text from the most demanding materials. 

Embracing the OCR technology of ABBYY, Tamtus has provided the key technological advantage of the scanner - the possibility of getting a big image of a book as text enlarged to any size. In conjunction with a tablet or interactive whiteboard, the scanner allows to speak and annotate over the top of the displayed image of the document in real time. Within seconds Magic VT captures and saves the images of the book right to the computer to reuse or distribution of it to the whole class.


The high accuracy of the scanning image delivered by Magic VT-320P is achieved due to the set of ABBYY FineReader 9 Engine document analysis functions. The powerful OCR technology enables the automatic document conversion with full-page layout retention that allows the getting of images similar to the original documents. It implies automatic detection and recognition of the whole text from the document including the text embedded in pictures, charts, and diagrams. 

Being a language lessons assistant Magic VT-320P has a new feature such as the combination of OCR and TTS (text-to speech) technologies that allows the playback of the text recognized from the materials. 


The intelligent OCR Software of ABBYY specially designed for digitizing the paper documents determined the functionality of Magic VT-320P:

  • Real-time capture and automatic data saving on the computer and reuse;
  • Detailed digital reproduction of the page;
  • Fast and easy using - complete the entire scanning just in a few seconds by pushing the button;
  • Image magnification to see all details (even when the printed book is not handy).

Tamtus is concentrating on the needs of its customers and tries to be a pioneer and leader in a sphere of digitalizing solutions. This new product, a portable scanner, surely will extend the company’s role in increasing of educational and professional creativity and productivity in South Korea.


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