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Krigsman Partners speeds up document processing
with ABBYY

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Krigsman Partners speeds up document processing
with ABBYY

Legal | Accounts Payable Automation

Customer Overview

Name Krigsman Partners
Headquarters Australia
Industry Taxation & Legal Services

To find a PDF tool that not only opens and edits PDF documents but also converts image and Microsoft Office documents and compares them to track changes.


The new ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 converts and processes PDFs and scans, transforming all documents into editable and searchable formats.

  • Up to $1000 in employee wages saved per workflow process 
  • Document comparison automation frees up employee time and resources for value-adding activities 
  • Document processing tasks completed with speed, accuracy and reliability

The Melbourne-based financial accounting firm — Krigsman Partners has uncovered the possibilities of document comparison technology in the ABBYY FineReader® PDF 15. Although this feature is only one of a whole suite of time saving tools found in the software, it has revolutionised the way Krigsman Partners process many of their documents.



worth of wages saved with each document revision

40+ page

long Trust Deeds reviewed in seconds

30+ year-old

documents turned into editable/searchable formats

The long search for an all-in-one document processing solution

As a firm providing a broad range of accounting, legal and advisory consulting services, Krigsman Partners works with a wide variety of documents includingtrust deeds, contracts and other legal documentation.

The first challenge for the firm was to find a comprehensive tool to accurately convert PDFs and other scanned images into editable and searchable formats for editing and storing.
After trying several products, they found all of them slow at processing large complex docu­ments while some are difficult to use because of their unintuitive interfaces and cumbersome features.

Shortly after trialing ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 Corporate, Krigsman Partners acquired a volume license for each of its members, setting up FineReader PDF as the default PDF tool within the organization.

The crowning feature of the newly acquired software became ABBYY FineReader PDF’s unique Document Comparison tool. It gives the ability to compare documents in various formats such as an image only PDF against a Microsoft Word document in the same window thus performing in seconds a review processes that would have taken hours.

A Comprehensive product

By implementing ABBYY FineReader PDF, Krigsman Partners acquired not only a comprehensive PDF tool able to merge, edit and convert PDF documents, but also a powerful OCR product that can pre-process scanned images as well as photos of documents taken with a mobile phone. The dedicated OCR interface ensures that document format conversion is performed as smoothly as possible. Importantly, this process could be automated with the ‘Hot Folder’ feature that can automatically process required documents within an assigned location.

“ABBYY FineReader PDF provides us with the flexibility we need for the large volume of legal and tax documentation our office receives. We can export documents quickly to any format and search, edit and email with minimal fuss. It is an essential business product for our business.“
Robert Krigsman, Principal Partner, Krigsman Partners

Multiple files processed in a split second

With FineReader PDF, Krigsman Partners was able to achieve a significant reduction in task completion times during document conversion and comparison. Tasks that used to take an employee a full day can now be accomplished in seconds. A good example is a recent task to compare two versions of a trust deed - one from the 80s and one from 2000. Both documents are over 40 pages in length. Before the firm deployed FineReader PDF 15, someone would have to compare the documents side by side and find all the differences and changes made to either document, a process that could take a full day. With ABBYY FineReader PDF, the firm was able to complete the task in seconds. Krigsman Partners currently saves up to $1000 in wages each time it uses the solution for similar tasks.

“ABBYY FineReader PDF is an excellent tool for any business. It assists in complet-ing business tasks in an efficient and effective manner as various tasks can be executed and completed within the program. Whether you have to convert docu-ments, edit PDF’s or sign forms electronically ABBYY FineReader PDF does this for you! An amazing product that is highly recommended.”
Antonina Pasztetnik, Tax Accountant, Krigsman Partners

For Krigsman Partners, ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 is an easy-to-use and intuitive solution that helped put all their document processing troubles behind them. ABBYY FineReader PDF makes PDFs and other image based documents searchable and editable while saving man-hours by automatically identifying changes and revisions in various legal documents. The built-in document compare tool sifts through changes in legal notices, balance sheets and financial reports, greatly enhancing the coherence of the firm’s legal and financial services.

About Krigsman Partners

Krigsman Partners is a boutique taxation and accounting firm based in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. Krigsman Partners works with national, international, established and start-up technology, media, professional and innovative businesses. The firm also assists foreign entities to setup business ventures in Australia by advising on structuring, tax, accounting and business operations. Krigsman Partners includes a strong team of tax professionals.

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