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Raiffeisenbank Employs ABBYY Lingvo Intranet Server

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Name ZAO Raiffeisenbank
Industry Finance/Banking

Thanks to ABBYY Lingvo Intranet Server, a server-based dictionary solution from ABBYY, Raiffeisenbank employees at various branches can easily access electronic dictionaries via the bank’s corporate portal. 

“Earlier we used desktop versions of ABBYY Lingvo and were satisfied with the software. Then ABBYY Lingvo Intranet Server became available, and we decided to install this corporate version. It appeared to considerably reduce our maintenance costs and since the installation we have had no need to perform any maintenance work on the server".

Yuriy Kovalenko,

Head of IT Department Raiffeisenbank 


A lot of communication in international companies is carried out in English, and a good electronic dictionary can greatly help employees to communicate with colleagues and customers. ABBYY Lingvo has long been the dictionary of choice at Raiffeisenbank. However, as the number of employees grew, it became increasingly difficult and costly to install and administer local copies of the dictionary on each individual computer. Each copy had to be installed and updated separately. When an employee left the company, their copy of the dictionary had to be deactivated in order to preserve the licence. The bank required a more efficient solution, and its IT service was looking for ways of making the dictionary available on each workstation at a minimum cost. The bank wanted its employees at the regional branches to be able to access the dictionary via the corporate portal hosted on computers in the Moscow office. 


The task could be solved by installing ABBYY Lingvo Intranet Server, which became available in April 2010. This server-based solution makes the dictionary easily accessible within the local area network via a user-friendly interface.


Scalable and multi-threaded, it maintains high response speeds even when the number of dictionary look-ups increases. A trial version of the product successfully showed that ABBYY Lingvo Intranet Server met the bank’s requirements. The bank purchased the full version, and the project was started in May 2010. In October the service became available in all regional branches of Raiffeisenbank. By that time, the following custom features requested by the bank had been implemented: word-by-word translation of phrases, filtering searches for headwords, translation variants, examples, or in comments, and the ability to select dictionaries to be searched through. 


As a result of deploying ABBYY Lingvo Intranet Server, Raiffeisenbank’s employees can perform dictionary look-ups in reliable up-to-date English-Russian dictionaries, both general and specialized, including dictionaries of finance, economics, law, and accounting. An important feature of ABBYY Lingvo Intranet Server is that companies can create their own sets of dictionaries most useful for their industry.

The project also brought the reduced total cost of ownership, since the system is administered and maintained from the central location and there is no need of installing the dictionary or disabling a license on each individual computer.


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