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Wo geht die Reise im Bereich Künstliche Intelligenz hin?

Gewinnen sie Einblicke in die Trends, die wir in den nächsten Monaten und Jahren erwarten können, welche konkreten KI Ansätze und Lösungen es im Document Processing Bereich bereits gibt und welche davon heute bereits so ausgereift sind, dass sie schnellen ROI ermöglichen.

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Powering Automation for BPO’s with the ABBYY AI Portfolio

Join our webinar to get up to speed as to the ABBYY offering, and discover how our AI technology boosts most leading RPA products. Learn more about our BPO/SSC platform solutions, integrate OCR, classification, and extraction power to your solutions, so you can meet SLAs easily, and boost productivity and ROI.

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Elevating onboarding customer experiences with ABBYY mobile solutions

Learn how to effectively build end-to-end solutions to optimize your digital onboarding processes fed by mobile devices. Provide exceptional customer experiences by delivering seamless self-service onboarding processes that require minimal efforts by the end user. Discover how ABBYY mobile solutions can elevate your onboarding customer experiences, and increase customer retention and brand loyalty.

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AI and Machine Learning in ABBYY FineReader Engine 12

This first part of a series of webinars on ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 will give you some detailed insights on how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence work in our SDK and how these technologies benefit the recognition process.

Intelligent document classification, thanks to advanced self-learning

Discover how a solution based on Artificial Intelligence can classify and separate different document classes – for example forms, claims, delivery notes, or invoices – automatically with ease, helping you to maximize business efficiency and accelarate decision-making cycles.