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Text Classification Powered by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

ABBYY Smart Classifier is a powerful text classification application to organize unstructured information for automatic routing, search or archiving inside corporate content and document management systems.

Smart Classifier's easy-to-use comprehensive UI for classification model creation and tuning together with automatic algorithm optimization make it highly responsive to organization’s information management and business process requirements.

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Based on break-through ABBYY Compreno natural language processing technology that operates on the level of meaning, ABBYY Smart Classifier provides exceptional text classification of unstructured documents for policy and regulatory compliance, where automatic classification of text documents is greatly needed. 

451 Research: ABBYY aims to ride the wave in text analytics and machine learning with Compreno

Nick Patience, 21 March 2016

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Usage Scenarios

ABBYY Smart Classifier streamlines and boosts the efficiency of content-intensive processes.

Client Support

Being charged with tons of client issues daily, client support employees need to classify and route them to drive the problem solution faster. This is where automatic classification could help.

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Information Governance

Setting category-based routing, archiving and search is laborious process when done manually or with the help of low-quality text classification tool. ABBYY Smart Classifier can fix this for you.

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Data Migration

Set up flexible content-aware rules to filter out-of-control content repositories during data migration projects. Ensure accurate and timely data removal policies are in place using accurate automatic text classification.

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Claims Processing

Strict guidelines for claims processing for government together with the striving for transparency poses the need for timely and accurate claim classification. With its semantic capabilities, ABBYY Smart Classifier is here to help.

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ABBYY Smart Classifier Brochure

Download the Product Brochure to learn how ABBYY Smart Classifer, based on a powerful engine that provides both text-based and semantic-based classification, makes classification a snap - for anyone!

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ABBYY Smart Classifier Brochure

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