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Online OCR Service: Flexible and easy to integrate

ABBYY's Cloud OCR SDK is a Web OCR service providing the excellent quality of ABBYY’s text recognition via an application programming interface (API). Developers who prefer to use an external OCR service over a locally installed text recognition toolkit will appreciate this highly-scalable image conversion service. Running safely and redundantly on the Microsoft® Azure infrastructure within the European Union, the OCR service is available to customers in many countries.

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK is ideal for the following document conversion scenarios:

The integration of ABBYY Cloud OCR technology is possible via a REST API. A comprehensive set of source codes can be used by software engineers during the development. These codes are available for the most common programming languages, for example ASP.NET, NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java, cURL.

Customers say

...we look at ABBYY based on their reputation for the highest quality OCR...

An associated ISV who has used the ABBYY technology for many years recommended we look at ABBYY based on their reputation for the highest quality OCR. The ABBYY developer account was easy to set up and the portal provided all the required documentation and assistance in getting started, including a downloadable sample code. The pricing options suited us for PRONI Street Directories as it was a bulk process and we knew the exact number of documents that needed to be sent to ABBYY. ABBYY Cloud OCR has been a consistent win for us.


Case study about this project: ABBYY Cloud Solution Helps Aetopia Modernise Directories for the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland

Aidan McGrath, CEO of Aetopia
undefined the UK

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