Receipt Capture SDK enables software developers to integrate automatic receipt capture and extract data from receipts to support a variety of customer loyalty and incentive programs.

Receipts serve as proof of purchase, but collecting and verifying the data contained on those receipts can be costly, time consuming and complex. ABBYY has more than 20 years of expertise in OCR, and this has allowed us to create a state-of-the-art technology. We sharpened up our Receipt Capture SDK to be an ideal solution for companies that want to offer receipt capture and loyalty program support to their customers, or expand the speed and cost-effectiveness of their existing capture solutions.

The technology fully supports American receipts, other countries are currently supported in beta mode.

Automated Receipt Field Extraction 

  • Basic fields: Vendor Name, Date, Time, Total.
  • Extended fields (technology preview): Subtotal, Tax rate, Tax value, Address, Phone, Currency, Card Type, Card Number, Payment type, Purchase type.
  • Line items (technology preview). Full list ›

Special Tools for Loyalty Programs

  • Pick out purchased products and extract data regarding discount coupons with special API. The search algorithm can be easily tuned for new product names.
  • Our solution is pre-trained to identify 127 popular US retail chains, and has ready receipt templates for 96 of these chains. That dramatically increases the accuracy of receipt capture for known chains. Plus, our SDK can be easily trained for new chains via API, if required.

Works out of the Box

No training or template creation required! Get ready-to-use technology and skip such challenging tasks as tuning an OCR SDK and implementation of own parsing. At the same time our SDK is easily customizable to specific loyalty programs.

Reduce Costs

Since there is no need to implement your own parsing algorithms, using the ABBYY Receipt Capture SDK is less expensive to deploy than  tuning basic OCR SDK for receipt capture. High accuracy makes verification cheaper as well. And, of course, using automatic ABBYY Receipt Capture SDK (even in combination with manual verification) is cheaper than using manual parsing only.

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