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Healthcare reform, increased regulation, the growing pool of retiring Baby Boomers, audits and HITECH compliance – healthcare providers face increasing challenges to maintain standards of excellent, affordable care. But they cannot expect more funding. ABBYY document and data capture solutions help reduce costs, increase productivity and streamline information exchange processes throughout your organization.

Healthcare automation scenarios

Patient registration

ABBYY’s capture solutions combine the convenience of scanning with laborsaving tools that identify document types, extract data and link them to the correct patient record. Learn more ›

Billing, claims processing

ABBYY’s paper claim processing solution ensures that accurate data is submitted to billing, accounting and claims management systems in a timely fashion. Learn more ›

Patient satisfaction surveys

ABBYY speeds the collection and submission of patient satisfaction surveys – guaranteeing they are processed in time to claim full benefits. Learn more ›

See how ABBYY solutions for healthcare  address your organizational needs: 

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Applying document and data capture software in the healthcare Industry.

Download this white paper to learn how automated data capture technology eliminates pain points related to managing patient records, admission and billing paperwork, reducing costs for service departments and helping providers increase reimbursements and quality of care.

Customer stories

Henry Ford Health System makes giving charitable donations easier thanks to advanced ICR.

ABBYY FlexiCapture helps decrease document processing time by 95% for Pharmaceutical Industry Company.

Find out how Community Eye Care automatically captures 56,000 HCFA 1500 claim forms annually using ABBYY FlexiCapture.

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Find out how ABBYY automation solutions for healthcare addresses your organization needs.

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