Science and Expertise

ABBYY Education Initiatives and Expertise

ABBYY strives to empower people with knowledge. We create products and solutions that increase access to information, and drive educational projects and initiatives.


For IT students & graduates

ABBYY supports campus-based start-up projects by sharing our expertise in software development and marketing. ABBYY Labs (Russia) provides a one-year practical course for student/graduate entrepreneur teams and an environment for turning ideas into prototypes  and then products for end-users. Eight such projects are underway this year.

ABBYY Braille Projects

For people with visual handicaps

As a leading provider of text recognition technologies, ABBYY has been involved in assistive technology projects in many places including Scotland, the Philippines and the USA. Non-profit organizations employ our products in text-to-Braille and text-to-speech, making content available to blind or low-sighted students, professionals and others.

ABBYY Knowledge

For inquisitive high school students

ABBYY is looking for high school students with a deep interest in programming, robotics and math. We share our knowledge in the form of lectures and practical sessions on engineering design, algorithmic theory, commercial programming, competitive programming and robotics. By emulating real-life software development processes, these “classes” help develop engineering thought processes as well as teamwork skills – and give students experience in project development, whether for apps or robotics.

ABBYY Expertise

For universities and state education

ABBYY is a valued partner in Russia’s leading technical universities, including MIPT, RSUH, HSE, MSU, BMSTU and others. We founded the Department of Image Recognition & Text Processing, and the Computational Linguistics Department. The latter introduced a totally new approach to nurturing specialists for the global IT-market: After graduation, linguists with programming skills and programmers familiar with linguistics are ready to join any IT-company or start their own businesses.

ABBYY Library Projects

For everyone who reads

Top universities and libraries leverage ABBYY text recognition technologies to digitize historically and culturally significant text within documents printed in old fonts. Photocopies of fragile-to-scan archives are accurately converted into searchable PDFs and become publicly open or accessible worldwide via the Web.

ABBYY Professional Events

For linguists, developers and businesses

The ABBYY team has long been a host of, and key contributor to, professional events worldwide. We share our expertise in text recognition, natural language processing, and data capture and knowledge management with experts, students and partners to help create a better future.

ABBYY on Coursera

For English-speaking volunteers

ABBYY fosters crowdsourcing activities for creating free online classes at top universities that are available to the Russian-speaking public. Launched by ABBYY Language Services, the Coursera translation incentive offers over 20 courses covering education, cryptography, leadership, public speaking, bioinformatics, natural language processing and more. Partially based on gamification, the project unites students, graduates, professional translators, and experts – and equips them with a free professional Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool.