ABBYY FineReader&nbsp;15 <span>for&nbsp;Windows</span> ABBYY FineReader 15 for Windows

The smarter PDF solution

Convert, edit, share, and collaborate on PDFs and scans in the digital workplace.

The perfect bridge between legal documents and PDFs

universal PDF software for a paperless law office

Having the right documentation is at the core of any legal process. For everything from case records and writs to patents and contracts, legal teams need the right document, at the right time, in the right format.

As digital as many processes have become, legal documentation still relies heavily on paper originals. So how can legal professionals strike an effective balance between paper and PDF?

Meet ABBYY FineReader, a comprehensive PDF tool powered by OCR technology accurate enough to handle documents at every stage of the legal process. In the back office, during legal proceedings, or while communicating with clients, ABBYY FineReader provides straightforward functionality for managing documentation and simplifying daily work.

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paperless law office

paperless law office

Less paper, more legal work

Manage documents in the PDF format to efficiently and quickly access information at any time, from anywhere. Save valuable resources by digitally performing tasks such as redaction, discovery, bates numbering, or categorizing case files. The reliable PDF format also helps prevent documents from going missing – and incurring unexpected fines.

archive legal documents

archive legal documents

eDiscovery & archiving

Digitize and convert paper documents into searchable PDFs to streamline legal proceedings. Long-term preservation formats (such as PDF/A) provide a reliable solution for compliance with institutional regulations and archiving case files for on-going disputes.

protect PDF files

protect PDF files

Preparing cases & eFiling

Deliver court exhibits in accordance with the legal requirements for bookmarks and bates numbering. For matters of litigation, ABBYY FineReader protects sensitive information by clearing metadata, comments, bookmarks, and attachments.

comment and discuss PDFs

comment and discuss PDFs

Client communication

Exchange feedback and information with clients directly within a PDF. Ensure attorney-client privilege by sanitizing comments and annotations before creating a new document. Password protection and digital signatures provide additional protection for sensitive material.

collaborate on PDFs

collaborate on PDFs

Collaborating and finalizing documents

Review, compare, share, and comment on versions of documents across multiple formats. The comparison feature makes sure no crucial changes to important documents slip through unnoticed, saving everyone time and unneeded frustration.

documentation compliance

documentation compliance

Complying with institutional requirements

Prepare documentation and exhibits in compliance with the eFiling regulations of courts and institutions: ensure all your PDFs are bookmarked and properly redacted, without metadata and within the permitted file size.

Top reviews

TechnoLawyer’s Hot Product 2017

"A longtime leader in OCR – software that makes scans editable and searchable – ABBYY identified several inefficiencies in law firms. The new version of FineReader addresses these problems by adding PDF and comparison tools alongside its popular OCR tools", Neil J. Squillante

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Recommended by Legal Tech Publishing
Buyers Guide

“FineReader 15 allows users to digitize paper documents and scan files with optical character recognition (OCR) technology and compare documents in different formats and multiple languages”, Brett Burney

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What our customers say

"We are always looking for solutions to improve our business processes and make them more efficient. ABBYY FineReader helps us efficiently deal with our multitude of documents, including contracts, letters and client files."

Document Production Manager, Clifford Chance

“ABBYY FineReader provides us with the flexibility we need for the large volume of legal and tax documentation our office receives. We can export documents quickly to any format and search, edit and email with minimal fuss. It is an essential business product for our business."

Robert Krigsman, Principal Partner, Krigsman Partners

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"This was the first time we were using an ABBYY product and FineReader has exceeded all of our expectations. It has enabled our department to achieve greater efficiencies in our day-to-day work, and helps us to better support our internal clients and their suppliers. We have been impressed with the accuracy and reliability of this forward-thinking product."

IT Manager, Eversheds

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